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Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by Owen, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Anyone know of any manufacturers of resin wargames accessories ?
    I need some barrels, crates , tresure chests that kind of thing.
    Some bits here in white metal, was wondering if resin would be cheaper.
    Redoubt Enterprises

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Some Milliput/Das/Fimo/balsa/plasticard, and a scalpel?
  3. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

  4. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    What scale are you interested in, O.?
  5. wowtank

    wowtank Very Senior Member

    a lot of UK companys have stopped using resin. I believe there was a change in health and safety law. For 28 mil try these guys Forge World but it 'ant cheap.
  6. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    Owen, if you already have samples of the items you want why not make some rubber moulds and cast your own in resin or plaster? Would work out a lot cheaper!
  7. ceolredmonger

    ceolredmonger Member

    There are a few - try Hovels. Otherwise try posting on the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) forum - great bunch with vast experience.

  8. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Cheers for idea.
    Just looking at Hovels now Keith, forgot about them.
    Za, it's for me & me boys to play 25/28mm pirate games.
    Mike, that's illegal.
  9. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    Not if you make yourself 1 master of eveything you want then make moulds to cast copies from!
  10. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    That's what I was going to say myself, but mind you, the entire mold-making and then pouring process takes a hell of a lot of learning and is a complete liturgy by itself. Besides, it is mightily expensive for small quantities, and don't ask me how I know :)

    Unless you're not going for quantities it's not worth the trouble nor the expense.

    Before I sound like sour grapes I hasten to point out that I did some quite satisfactory moulding and pouring in the past, I had a good sculptor and many an original little souldier did I make, so I'm speaking out of realism, not frustration. ;)
  11. leccy

    leccy Senior Member

    Making boxes of various sizes I found very easy using balsa wood sheets cut into planks and gluing together. I have also used wood veneer I was given.

    I used to make quite alot of buildings and battlefield litter myself for various people and clubs, not done alot for a while and only got some 1/300 scale Armour to go with a Mini Marklin railway setup now and a whole pile of Warhammer 40k (and an unfinished DB rules minitures celtic army) which I made up for my kids when they were growing up and I seem to have been left with now they are no longer teens.
  12. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Just been looking at this website.
    Trade Goods,

    Will make some stuff meself though, eventually.
    Haven't got around to scratch building anything yet but we are collecting ice-lolly sticks to make a wooden jetty with.
  13. ceolredmonger

    ceolredmonger Member

    Forgot about Ainsty, and they are local to me too! For instant and readily available stuff Hornby do some decent barrels and boxes in their Scaledale range.

    For an hour or two lost in wonderment and wargaming inspiration in white metal try Irregular Miniatures -
    Irregular Miniatures
  14. wowtank

    wowtank Very Senior Member

    Ainsty stuff is good have loads of the stuff in 28 mil. Use it for Warhammer

    The Hornby pillbox is good.

    These dudes are cool as well:
    The Dragon Forge Store-Gaming Bases
  15. LesCM19

    LesCM19 "...lets rock!"

  16. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    Look what the cat brought in! Welcome back Les !!!
  17. Owen

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  18. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    What a pity they don't do 6mm!
  19. WotNoChad?

    WotNoChad? Senior Member

    Fenris Games is a good 'un, and that's all resin, top quality. The new German resins are superb, full cure within 45 minutes. The old polyester resin takes up to five days and stinks, most have given that up but a few still use it as it's really cheap material.

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