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    Hi all,

    I am hoping that this forum will be able to offer up some answers for my research. You never know I may even find some photos, but that's maybe a bit too ambitious.

    My reasons for being here are to research two individuals in particular;
    William Johnson b1923 | Army Number 61536852 | 43rd RTR and Royal Scots Grey's. Still alive today and still remembers some stories I hope to note down and share.

    Some have said war records are easy to decipher, but please remember to someone unfamiliar with army records (and old style handwriting), it is not easy. I didn't even know what RTR was for a while, let alone demob, LFA, SOS, Xii, 173d, etc, etc...

    The other guy is Joseph Glover Anderson 1918-1985, Loyal Regiment, who unfortunately was captured at Anzio landings and seems to have spent a while in POW hospital 344 Lager Lazaret XI - A Tanger-Hutte Sachsen, Prussia 52-12, before spending rest of time in POW camp Stalag XI-A.

    Not asking for anything in this post, but if you have anything you think might interest me, especially photographs, it would be appreciated.

    I plan of transcribing the war diaries I have, and will share once done along with an index of names mentioned in a separate document. I hope that someone will appreciated the lengthy task on transcribing, plus trying to keep as close to original doc as possible.

    Have a good Xmas folks!
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    Here's a start:

    J G Anderson in the UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945

    Name: J G Anderson
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Army Number: 5948407
    Regiment: Loyal Regiment
    POW Number: 137664
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: XI-A
    Camp Location: Altengrabow, Saxony-Anhalt
    Record Office: Infantry Record Office, The Public Hall, Lune Street, Preston, Lancashire
    Record Office Number: 18

    Joseph Glover Anderson in the England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007

    Name: Joseph Glover Anderson
    Birth Date: 28 Jul 1918
    Date of Registration: Apr 1985
    Age at Death: 66
    Registration district: Surrey North-western
    Inferred County: Surrey
    Volume: 17
    Page: 509

    Seems as though he joined the Army at an early age, in the passenger list below he is coming back from India in 1935 already in the Army (Beds & Herts Regiment):

    Joseph Glover Anderson in the UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960

    Name: Joseph Glover Anderson
    Birth Date: abt 1918
    Age: 17
    Port of Departure: Calcutta, India
    Arrival Date: 16 Sep 1935
    Port of Arrival: London, England
    Ports of Voyage: Calcutta
    Ship Name: Mulbera

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