Researching Quartermaster Sergeant Percy Charles Thompson, 2 Essex Regt, d 1912

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    Well, Cains is the link to Liverpool!
    See Wiki and Historic Beer Birthday: Robert Cain - Brookston Beer Bulletin
    It looks as if the pub in the photo is on the corner of Calton Street, which doesn't show up in Liverpool, but a Calton Avenue does (possibly after city centre redevelopment courtesy of Luftwaffe Enterprises??)
    Cain was the son of a British soldier, apparently, so perhaps preferred ex soldiers as landlords?
    I liked the reference to Lord Brocket (as Cain became) being one of the richest men with a fortune of £400,000 - here in Battle we had Thomas Brassey whose will was £5,250,000 in 1870 - quite a different league!
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    I thought it could be Galton Street Liverpool, on a map it’s on Liverpool dock road, sorry about moving away from the military side

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