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  1. I've just had another look and I was wrong, apologies. He was moved in 1947 from Esens cemetery to Oldenburg (Sage).
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    Lord no apology necessary ! It's surprising how far north some of the poor BEF guys washed up . None in Denmark though as far as I've found
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    HI Drew
    I am the sister of Steve Hayden who messaged your good self way back in 2013
    Asking for advice on our great uncle John henry Rice 23rd Division supply column .
    I have continued researching since then I am 99% sure that he was aboard ss Abukir that was torpedoed 27/28 May 1940
    I would love to take a look at ss Abukir casualty list ....which I think exists
    But have failed in finding out how to get hold of it .
    I have just received John henry Rice service record and I cannot tell you how happy I was!
    But alas it means more researching .
    As I have come across something in his record , that I have never heard of before
    And I was hoping that you may know its meaning !!
    I do hope so.
    The thing I have never come across before is ( hearts of oak) every time I research this the results I get are to do with the navy. Maybe this has something to do with ss abukir !
    I am also a bit confused as to which medals awards or claps he was awarded Help please Drew :rolleyes:
    Susan Hayden

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    There was a Hearts of Oak Friendly Society, whose records are at the National Archives & maybe had a branch in Bournemouth, though if it is this I don't know why it would be recorded in this section.

    In WW1 Army Records the Friendly Society the man belonged to is often noted, I assume as pre welfare state, so that the authorities knew if the man had something to fall back on if he was discharged etc or to advise the society directly of his death.

    Hearts of Oak Friendly Society Limited | The National Archives
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  5. Tullybrone

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    The record shows that his medal entitlement was the 1939/45 Star and the 1939/45 War Medal - the standard entitlement of men who were only engaged with BEF (mostly POW & Casualties).

    The medals would’ve been issued to his widow as his NOK in November 1949.

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  6. Susan hayden

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    Thank you so much I will research further and try to get to the bottom of it .
    That's exactly what threw me It being noted in no 7 of that section !
    The more I learn the more I wan t to find out .
    I would just like to add ,How absolutely brilliant this forum is it's just simply the very best
  7. Steve Mac

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    Evening Susan,

    Have you seen this:

    And you may find the evidence you are looking for here: Multiple casualties: suffered during the sinking of SS Abukir, evacuation from Dunkirk,... | The National Archives

    Hopefully the latter is wider than just RAF personnel and/or provides a reference to RASC men KIA.

    In my uncles case (referred to earlier in this thread) I was able to identify him and his chums KIA, from the CWGC records of men in his unit killed on 31 May 1940 to an incident report and nominal roll in the War Diary of his unit. I have 100% certainty on how and when he died, but not where he is buried. But both myself and my youngest brother believe he likely has a resting place (unknown soldier) further down the coast in France, where they washed-up. Trouble is there were 11 men lost KIA in the incident and only 7 graves...

    I have a great grandfather KIA in WWI (12 April 1918) and have a full description of the incident in which he was buried in a trench collapse, caused by German artillery fire, from someone who was there; a transcript. The officers and men nearest to the incident dug out his officer, but the troops were not dug out. No-one pin pointed where the incident happened, so I know he was buried without marker somewhere in a locality, but not exactly where.

    You can sometimes get so far with this type of research and hit snags or a ‘wall’, especially if the person(s) involved was lost at sea and not on the ships crew, i.e. not listed as present on-board.

    Maybe when I retire I will have more time to look into these matters...

    Good luck with your search!


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  8. Susan hayden

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    WO 361/9 Evacuation of Dunkirk: SS Hyperion; Royal Army Service Corps personnel missing believed drowned

    Hi does any one have any information on the above dates etc many thanks
  9. Susan hayden

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    Hi Steve
    I have seen the wreck site link before but thank you .
    I will look further into the multiple casualties on ss abukir I'm just worried that they may be referring to only RAF personnel .
    I'm not sure what to do or what the cost would be !!!:salut:
  10. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    From WO 361/3
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