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    Thank you, I will surely look into this one. So far I've been sidetracked by a very interesting documentary on Aussie pilots flying Beaufighters out of Port Moresby. Also been fascinated by George Beurlings antics over the island of Malta. Very interesting stuff...
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    I got lucky last night and won a photo album and a bundle of paperwork that belonged to an ex-gunner who was with 26 Field Regt. R.A.

    I say lucky as I won the auction at my maximum budget with seconds to spare.

    The album, from the previews and description, contains over one hunded pictures mainly taken in and around Tampin in Negri Sembilan (Malaya) in the early '50s (he was discharged in '52). My grandfather's battery: 54 (Maharajapore) Bty was detached from 25 Fd Regt R.A. in Hong Kong and attached to 26 Fd Regt in Malaya at this very time, and as the paperwork has piled up I've been aching to see some contemporary pictures of the place. I previously bought a set of pictures belonging to a RAMC man who was with 26 Fd a year or two earlier, but this set matches the time-frame perfectly, and there's even a chance that Gnr Newman himself may feature.
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    Some folks have already noticed what I've been doing recently under the Bde of Gds sub-forum. I intend to create a thread for each and every name on Nominal rolls and then link them back in both the alpha and nominal threads for each regiment.

    Apart from a post-war GSM Roll, IG has been completed; WG is almost done and a tentative start has been made on SG.

    I've been PM'd a few times so just reiterating this on open forum: If anyone has info on any Guards individuals, please feel free to add it & if there isn't thread already please start one. Cheers

    Grenadier Guards: Reference Thread
    Coldstream Guards: Reference Thread
    Scots Guards: Reference Thread
    Irish Guards: Reference Thread
    Welsh Guards: Reference Thread
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    Continuing to plug away at my Archer book. I remember a published author gave me advice to pick a word limit and stick to it. I say "fie, fie to that"--apparently. I don't know if everything I write will go into the book - for instance, I don't know if there will be room or interest for a précis on every regiment with Archers and what they did in the war. But maybe I can put that on a website.

    Of late I've been working on a physical description of the vehicle - engine, ammunition, etc. That came about because I started writing about user modifications to their vehicles and I wondered whether certain bits should go in that sort of chapter, or in a descriptive chapter. For instance, some units made up their own windscreens from talc because the vehicle didn't come with one. So, right now I am trying to provide a good description about each of the crew positions in the vehicle to give the reader an idea of what it was like there. I got the idea from the Osprey book about the Valentine, which did a good job of that for the tank.
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    Chris it would be good to include in the book

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    Well, thank you for your feedback!

    I do have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about the anti-tank regiments: I think the men in them go somewhat unrecognised. Histories of the artillery concern themselves only with field artillery; histories of operations may make little mention of them.
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    I finished the chapter describing the Archer. I am glad to have finished it (as I found it a bit more difficult for some reason) but I still have lingering doubts about what is really the best way to organise the material. Descriptive chapter, then faults chapter? Combined, so that the description of the driver's position is followed by the faults discovered with it, then on to the next sub-topic? (These are rhetorical questions, but feedback is always appreciated.)

    I hope anyone else writing is able to press on in these uncertain times. I am working from home now but it is still good to turn my mind away from those matters and back to my documents and 1945.
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    Hi Chris,

    Not writing from the point of view of a book, but I am determined to complete the last of my larger updates for my website. I have written 350ish major stories for individual soldiers and have just one more to plan. After this is done any new material will come only from new family contributors who get in touch, or any additions I might stumble across through reading or copying files at our Archives. It feels quite liberating to finally clear the decks.

    When I find the muse is not with me for the major writing or planning, I revert to smaller more manageable objectives.
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