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    Apologies for the meandering start in advance...

    All started with fancying a 'family crest' tattoo. My attention to detail annoyed me enough to try and see if I could link our family to it. Lessons on heraldry and crests meant that there isn't such an overall thing... but I digress.

    My family history lead me down a military history route.

    I had always known that my stepgrandfather was in 12th Lancers, so I started researching them, all of the locations (Dunkirk, North Africa, Italy) tallied up, so I carried on. A while in, I found documentation alluding to GHQ Liaison Regiment, Phantom.

    This has sent me down a fantastically obscure and interesting rabbit hole, starting with the British Air and Military missions with the BEF.

    The fact that there are 6 squadrons, made up of 6 patrols each, all attached to different units at any one time has made pinpointing his route extremely difficult, especially as I'm yet to find his patrol and his starting squadron.

    4000 pages of archive records and I'm still struggling to pinpoint him yet, with only 1 mention of him thus far, but finding more and more detail for when/if the magic document appears!
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    Excellent 'needle and haystack' stuff albeit presuming there actually is at least one needle in the haystack but, hey ho, how do you find that out? Answer, keep looking because if you stop you will definitely not find it. As I've learnt from my own research, keep going.....the information you need is out there somewhere.
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    I'm almost worried I'll find it and lose the drive :lol:

    For what has been described as an elite unit, that most have never heard of, I've found some of the details fascinating.

    I'm using the rest of the details as the map that I'll use later on, I just hope that my start point is in there somewhere! If not, I'll just have to know it all and say that it's 1 in a maximum of 36 routes haha
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    its at the printers!
    "not a foot back" the story of the 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers on the 26th -28th May 1940.
    so very excited!
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    As the central theme for my collecting is Infanterie-Regiment/Pz.Grenadier-Division Grossdeutschland, over the last 10 years or so I have compiled spreadsheets of command lists down to Zugführer (platoon commander) level. To do so I have gone through every GD related book, web page, GD personnel papers (Soldbücher etc) and archive file that I can find to extract the names and details. In line with this I have also compiled a GD officer signature database which currently has 340 individual signatures and a further 33 'possibles'. There is a chance some of these signatures will be published in a future book on GD by an American author.
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