Research on a soldier: John Heslington, 16 DLI, 15/09/1943

Discussion in 'Durham Light Infantry' started by Freesoldier, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Mr Jinks

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    Hello Freesoldier,
    Its not much but its official;-
    GBM_WO417_067_0075 4469800 16 dli.jpg

  2. Freesoldier

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    Hi, well, on the book of Hart in PDf on Google there is a good explanations about Salerno actions (sorry, I wrote before Salorno, I always pronunce it like Americans, I'm a fan of American Army and I want to call this places like Americans during WW2).
    I live in Abruzzo but I'm doing researches on Salerno and Castel di Sangro battles, so if you can help me, I will happy to collaborate. I thought that Heslington was killed near Castel di Sangro but did some researches and discovered that was Salerno... but anyway I'm interested also in Castel di Sangro battle.

    Mark Clark also in documents wrote Salorno :)

    On Castel di Sangro I'mdoing a research on 19th November 1943, when troops were collected to begun the attack on 20th north of the town
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    Thanks, Freesoldier. I realise English isn't your first language and I wasn't being critical, just that I/we needed to establish where you were referring to. Often "locals" call parts around them by names similar to elsewhere and can be confusing (well, to me at least! :D)
    War Diary seems to be the best place for details.
  4. bexley84

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    Re: Castel di Sangro Nov 19th, no doubt you've had a look at the Canadian archives (around p84 onwards)..

    No doubt also, you have contacts already with historical researchers who live in Castel di Sangro.. they helped me when I visited in 2013....and many times since.

    best wishes
  5. Mr Jinks

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    Just a little more background on Heslington;-

    Before I go further do you still want details of the soldier or have you moved onto aspects of the actual battle(s)

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  6. Freesoldier

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    wow, very intersting the story about Mittlehauser. I think that without an official archive, there aren't informations on this soldier. I'm interested now more on Castel di Sangro battle and if there are some reports of 15.9.43 of 16th DLI like War Diaries etc.
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    WO_169_10206_0008.JPG WO_169_10206_0009.JPG WO_169_10206_0010.JPG WO_169_10206_0011.JPG
    War Diary for 16th DLI 14-19 Sept 1943
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  8. Freesoldier

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    I've read that some 16TH DLI troops were with canadians on Sangro river in 1943? Is it true?
  9. Freesoldier

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    Clanky, have you also War Diaries of Nova Scotia Regiment (Canada) in November 1943?
  10. ClankyPencil

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    No, sorry.
    I've mainly have a few war diaries for the British 46th Division units for September 1943.
  11. Mr Jinks

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    Okay, thanks for the clarification I shall cancel my enquiry regarding Heslington made on your behalf ? Best of luck with your `new` focus of research I personally think you have given up far too easily on this one but ...onwards and upwards.moving on..

  12. Freesoldier

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    yes, it is true, I've surrendered too easily, but sorry for this question, are there files on him?
  13. Freesoldier

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    About Castel di Sangro I'm more interested because it is the place where I live (at Salerno, or Salorno according Americans, I will go there in summer to visit 16th DLI places)
  14. Mr Jinks

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    Hello Freesoldier,
    Are there files on him? Possibly but they will not be in plain view ? If its not your main area of research then do concentrate on what is relevant to your interest ie your home town. That`s okay. but..
    With the title of this thread being
    Research on a soldier: John Heslington, 16 DLI, 15/09/1943
    I assumed you had done some research and were trying to progress ? I was interested in adding or enabling you to add to your knowledge of this soldier and finding out more myself about your previous research into him . You have obviously singled him out for a reason because there were other 16th DLI casualties on that day?
    I do wish you well in your research into battles around your home town and I will follow your progress with interest but on that line of enquiry I cannot help as I have no knowledge of such things.


  15. Freesoldier

    Freesoldier Member

    Ok. I was interested to go there and search more on this soldier because first I thought that 16 Durahm was in Castel di Sangro but I discovered that was in Salerno so I was planning to go there this summer.

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