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    Hello All

    I am in the last bit of research for a project and need some help from the powers that be here. I am looking for War Diary/History of the 6th Anti Tank Regiment from 5 August to 12 Agust 44, during totalize. I belive please corect me, that 56th Battery was supporting 4th INF BDE and 2CAB, and the 33rd Battery was supporting the 154th INF BDE and 33AB. As I am here in states reserch is tough. Thank you all in advance.


    Side note can someone help with the 33rd AB formation. And naming and numbering convention in the 1NY. I think A sq led then Csq with the kangaroos and B sq rear. And it was A was named for Russian cities,B us states and C towns in Northhamptonshire?? And the low number were the command tanks?
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    Can't help I'm sorry to say but this part of your query ought to be in it's own thread .
    May I suggest you start one just for this query.
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    The 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade War Diary for 5-12 August 1944 makes no mention of 6th Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA or any of its batteries. I do not have the war diary for 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade and it is not yet on-line at the Heritage Canadiana website for August 1944.

    The war diaries for 6th Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA are available on-line at the Heritage Canadiana website. The August 1944 war diaries start here:

    Good luck.
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    Thnaks for that it is amazing. I thought for sure 105BTY went with the 4th BDE of Can 2DIV, and 33rd was with 154th of 51st Highland. So I wonder who was the AT regiment with SP's who went with the Canadian 4th BDE for totalize.
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    Error should be 56th Battery
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    Dryan '
    Thank you sir that is amazing and you should be Comended/Compensted for the work you did and made available to others.

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