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  1. dbf

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    Just a reminder, for those who are not aware, or have recently joined:-

    Members can raise an issue with the moderators by clicking on "Report" button found at the bottom left-hand corner of any post. eg this one:
    Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 16.47.00.png

    This will open a new window where you may note your concerns. No need to link to post or thread.

    • Please use it to flag up any spammers you've spotted on the forum as it's much quicker than PM'ing individual moderators who may not be online at the time.
    • Please don't post a response on a thread: if it's on an old thread, your replies might remain long after the spammer has been dealt with and their posts deleted.
    • Also be aware: the report button is not for replying to individuals or to a thread. Some folks do seem to hit this accidentally, perhaps instead of PM'ing or quoting.
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  2. Owen

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    Just bumping this thread as we have had a few just lately.
  3. Trux

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    Guilty. Sorry. I pressed Report when I was aiming at Edit.

  4. dbf

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    Bumping this so newer members will know how to report content to Mods.
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