Report on the battle Arnhem by Sturmbannfuhrer Sepp Kraft SS Panzer Grenadier Depot and Reserve Bn 1

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by Jonathan Ball, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Thanks Jonathan. I can see that being useful to Arnhem researchers ... :)

    Regards ...
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    Love it!! Especially the maps! Thanks Jonathan!
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    Nice find JB. I think the WO 205 is one of the most forgotten series of files at Kew. I suspect there's some real gems in this series. Just look through the series in the attachment below regarding Arnhem files for starters let alone all the airborne stuff.

    WO 205/1230 looks interesting ;)

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    There are number of copies of this report known, including one other in the Nation Archives ( AIR 20/2333). Most appear to have been distributed to commanders of Army and Air Force units that were involved in the battle. It is interesting to note that there are slight differences in the annotations on the maps in these copies and all appear to have been hand drawn on the same basic maps which were reproduced from those in the original German document by 523 Coy Royal Engineers in October 1945. There is a good summary of the Kraft document and how it is thought that the original document (in German) was discovered which is given in the prelude to "Arnhem, A few vital hours" by Scott Revell with Niall Cherry and Bob Gerritsen.
  6. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    Indeed there is. It's a great book.
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    Thanks Jonathan. A very useful share to have, particularly with the maps included. As Horsapassenger and yourself indicate Arnhem A few vital hours is well worth a read too.
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    The attached maps might help.



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