Report of New Aussie VC Recipient

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    From the West Australian

    Cheers Paul

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    Nice to see the recognition.

    Nice post.

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    Im I right in thinking that this makes it the first award of a VC to a member of the SASR, as it was for the NZSAS with CPL Willie Apiata in 2007:unsure:
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    Don't know much about the protocol but would imagine that with the award of a VC they would have to blow his cover, just couldn't award it to trooper A and hope to get away with it. I can assure you that the SAS is still quite secretive and was quite noticeable in the Australia Day awards a number of military being awarded lesser gongs and going by the name of troopers P J etc.
    Incidentally Donaldson has also been given the title of "Young Australian of the year"
    and well deserved I'd say.
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    The Australian SAS is a totally different organisation compared to the UK SAS.

    Incidently the VC is different too. The Australians have their own VC now as do many other Commonwealth countries.
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    Australian SASR Corporal awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia for attacking and neutralising several Machine guns and a number of enemy soldiers

    Victoria Cross awarded to soldier who 'tore a Taliban fighter off his back like an insect' | The Daily Telegraph
    THE brown dust from the departing choppers that carried the SAS squadron south from their base at Tarin Kowt had barely cleared when all hell broke loose.
    It was October 2010, at the height of the Afghanistan fighting season, and a large Taliban force had established numerous firing positions around heavy machineguns.
    More than 24 elite Perth-based Diggers from the Special Air Service Regiment were under withering fire.
    Realising his mates were in grave danger, and with no regard for his own welfare, the SAS Corporal charged headlong into the Taliban machinegun fire.
    The sight of the 202cm Australian warrior coming at them must have shocked the bearded Afghans.
    Within minutes three enemy guns had been silenced and numerous Taliban fighters lay dead.
    West Australian Ben, or "RS" to his mates, had taken out three machinegun positions single handedly.
    His comrades said it was the most extreme example of conspicuous gallantry since Albert Jacka VC jumped into a trench full of Turks at Gallipoli in 1915, killing seven with his rifle and bayonet.
    "He just tore into the enemy," one of his mates said.
    "He is the epitome of the Spartan soldier. It was only a matter of time before he would demonstrate his true ability."
    Now the soldier - already awarded a Medal of Gallantry - will become the latest to be awarded the nation's highest military honour, the Victoria Cross For Australia.
    "This guy is a warrior," one of his ex-colleagues said ahead of Sunday's investiture ceremony.
    The battle that led to the honour came during an offensive in the Shah Wali Kot area.
    Signals intelligence had intercepted enemy "chatter" about a large group of Taliban fighters moving to attack a combined force of commandos from the Sydney based 2nd Commando Regiment and the Afghan National Army.
    The SAS had been mounting helicopter-borne assaults throughout the offensive, targeting Taliban commanders and bomb makers.
    As soon as word came through, the troops from the squadron based at Camp Russell near Tarin Kowt immediately mounted several US Blackhawk choppers for the 15-minute flight into battle.
    After landing the SAS took the fight to the enemy, but it was clear they would falter unless the machineguns were neutralised. Step forward "RS", the biggest man in the regiment by a fair margin.
    "RS" joined the SASR in 2002 from the army's 3rd Battalion. He is a specialist sniper and "assaulter" and a devoted husband and father of two young daughters.
    He was awarded a Medal for Gallantry in December 2006 for his courage under fire in Afghanistan's Chora Valley in the same battle in which Sergeant Matthew Locke, who was killed in action during 2007, won his MG. During that fight, according to comrades, "RS" tore a Taliban fighter off his back like an insect, stood on his throat and shot him dead.
    By the time the battle was over about 60 Taliban lay dead from small arms fire, hand-to-hand combat and close air support.
    Ben's Victoria Cross will make him the most decorated Australian soldier in decades.
    His good mate Rob Maylor, whose book SAS Sniper was released last year, describes him as an outstanding soldier: "He has excelled as an operator in the Regiment, and is also an SAS sniper, but his main calling is as an assaulter and he is exceptional."

    Victoria Cross awarded to soldier who 'tore a Taliban fighter off his back like an insect' |
  9. spidge


    Well done "Ben"

    6' 71/2" How do I know? My eldest brother was the same height.

    Big brute of a man although a gentle giant.

    Surely would not want to tangle with that amount of a SAS trained soldier.
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    A well deserved medal

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    excuse my ignorance but what is the Victoria Cross for Australia and how does it relate to the British Victoria Cross
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    A well deserved medal



    He sounds like a real soldiers soldier.

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    Sounds like another Stanley McDougall VC in the making.

    McDougall was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at Dernancourt on 28 March 1918. He was on watch at a post on the 47th's right flank when he heard Germans approaching. When a Lewis-gun team was knocked out by an enemy bomb McDougall snatched up the gun, attacked two machine-gun teams and killed their crews. He turned one of the captured machine-guns on the enemy, killing several and routing one wave of their attack. Meanwhile about fifty Germans had crossed a section of railway which the Australians had held. McDougall turned his gun on them and when his ammunition was spent he seized a bayonet and charged, killing four men. He then used a Lewis-gun, killing many Germans and forcing the surrender of the remaining thirty-three.

    Eight days later, in the same location, McDougall won the Military Medal. During a heavy enemy attack he got a gun into position and enfiladed the Germans at close quarters. When the gun was hit he crawled some 300 yards (275 m) under fire to get a replacement; he then took command of the leaderless platoon for the rest of the action. He was posted to the 48th Battalion on 28 May. At Windsor Castle on 19 August he was invested with the Victoria Cross by King George V and shortly afterwards returned to Australia where he was discharged from the A.I.F. on 15 December 1918.
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    Hi All,

    Well done that Man and I believe the second VC for the good poeple down under...

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    Come on BBC - Its not a Victoria Cross - Its a Australian Victoria Cross ;)
  18. Gage

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    Come on BBC - Its not a Victoria Cross - Its a Australian Victoria Cross ;)

    Still brave mate and sounds well deserved. B)
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    Oh I was only knocking the BBC for getting it wrong - I'd take my hat off if it was a MiD mate.
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    Come on BBC - Its not a Victoria Cross - Its a Australian Victoria Cross ;)

    What is the difference Andy?

    There is no doubt whatsoever that under the previous arrangement he would have been awarded a "British" VC for his heroic action.;)

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