Rennes PW Hospital liberation questions

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    After the liberation of the wounded Allied PWs at Rennes on 4 August 1944 the US 35th Evacuation Hospital treated the US patients and sent them on. I have the listing of Admissions and Dispositions from the Allied PW doctors at Rennes and the 35th Evac Admissions and Dispositions from 4 to 13 August when they were at Rennes.

    The mystery is that 35th Evac records do not record the 135 UK, Canadian, and Netherland PWs being treated there. So where are the records of these soldiers entering the English medical channels?

    In looking through the 35th Evac Morning Reports they do not indicate any entries other than US admittances except for one UK soldier. Did the English set up a separate Evacuation Hospital to handle the freed PWs?

    I have some indications from individual UK medical personnel Escape and Evasion reports that the PWs were treated at the US evacuation hospital. Would the treatment at the US hospital been reported to the English Medical channels and would they have the records?

    Any help or conjecture would be appreciated as this has me stumped as to where to look next.

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