Reminders of WW2

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Drew5233, Dec 23, 2008.

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    Thanks for sharing, I wouldn't expect to see much of that time period in Europe especially after the government is destroying everything to try and sway the Neo Nazi from getting any ideas.
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    good site but you have to pay nickels.

    Attached some of my Dad's photo's, Berlin, does anybody know what they were, or where they are now?


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  4. Paul Reed

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    Ken - they might end up getting lost in this thread; why not start a new one with the photos? I suspect a few people here will be able to help?

    Andy - interesting site. For a minute I thought they were charging by piece of info, but it is actually a book-selling site. I am going to contact the webmaster to see if it is still in print, as it looks quite interesting.
  5. Paul Reed

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    Had some emails from the site owner. Still active, and book still available. He seems to live in Berlin. Have ordered a copy (was about 17€) - some feedback when I get it.
  6. WotNoChad?

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    It looks interesting, glad you're dipping your toe in the water. Look forward to hearing what you think.


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