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    Remembering today, here in Asia: all those Prisoners Of War who lost their lives whilst under transport in Japanese prison ships (hellships). Please exercise CAUTION regarding the names of these ships as complete names/spelling? can vary from one document to another.
    note: 6 images attached.

    List of ships provided via this website: The hell of a Japanese prison ship - WWII Today

    Monteviedo Maru. Sunk by submarine 1 July 1942. Total number of prisoners on board 1,053.
    No survivors.

    Kachidoki Maru. Torpedoed by aircraft 12 September 1942. Total number of prisoners on board 950. Missing or dead 435.

    Tyofuku Maru. Sunk by aircraft 21 September 1942. Total number of prisoners on board 1,287. Missing or dead 907.

    Lisbon Maru. Sunk by submarine 2 October 1942. Total number of prisoners on board 1,816. Missing or dead 839.

    Nichimei Maru. Sunk by submarine 15 January 1943. Total number of prisoners on board 548.
    No survivors

    Suez Maru. Sunk by torpedo 29 September 1943. Total number of prisoners on board 548.
    No survivors.

    Tamabuko Maru. Sunk by torpedo 24 June 1944. Total number of prisoners on board 772. Missing or dead 560.

    Haragiku Maru. Sunk by torpedo 26 June 1944. Total number of prisoners on board 720, Missing or dead 177.

    Rakuyo Maru. Sunk by torpedo 12 September 1944. Total number of prisoners on board 1,214. Missing or dead 1,179.

    Shinyu Maru. Sunk by submarine 17 September 1944. Total number of prisoners 750.
    No survivors.

    Unya Maru. Sunk by submarine 18 September 1944. Total number of prisoners on board 2,200. Missing or dead 1,477.

    Arizan Maru. Sunk by torpedo 24 October 1944. Total number of prisoners on board 1,782. Missing or dead 1,778.

    Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru; Brazil Maru. Torpedoed by aircraft 9 January 1945.
    Total number of prisoners on board the three ships 1,620. Missing or dead 1,060.

    Comprehensive list of Japanese Hell Ships here: List of Japanese hell ships - Wikipedia

    Details about life on-board those ships and stories from some survivors here:
    The Sinking of Prisoner of War Transport Ships in the Far East

    General situation regarding POWs under Japanese administration (listing all camps and hellships) here:
    Prisoners of War of the Japanese 1939-1945

    In support of the above incidents I am attaching 5 images taken during my visit to the Montevideo Maru Memorial at Rabaul in Papua New Guinea.

    p.s. Apologies for late posting - should have been done on November 13th - but circumstances delayed action till today.

    ......................................... LEST WE FORGET....

    All above images (and originals) are now available - FREE - to family members, relatives, researchers and historians. When asked, I normally suggest that you make a donation to a Forces Charity of your own choice.

    Equally, all images - posted/distributed by me - are not to be used for commercial and/or financial gain. If in doubt, contact me - Thank You.

    This offer/all these offers is/are open-ended i.e. a cut-off date does not apply! As such, feel free to contact me anytime with all your requirements and queries - via: nt872b(at)

    Videos - taken at various cemeteries and/or memorials and posted on YouTube - as of November 2016:
    Tonu Buck
    Israel (x3), Malaysia (x4), India (x7 )

    Largest Asian War Memorials - already completed as of November 2016:
    Afghanistan - Camp Bastion Memorial Wall - images of c444 names available
    Singapore - Kranji/Singapore War Memorial - images of all c23,000 names available
    Myanmar/Burma - Rangoon Memorial - images of all c27,000 names available
    Philippines - Capas National Shrine Memorials (Bataan Death March) - images of c33,000 names available
    Republic Of Korea - Wall Of Remembrance (UNMCK) - images of all c41,000 names available
    Israel - Jerusalem Memorial - images of all c3300 names available
    India - Madras 1914-1918 Memorial - images of c1000 names available
    India - Delhi Memorial (India Gate) - images of c9500+ names available
    India - Kirkee Memorial 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 (Pune) - images of c2000+ names available

    Cemeteries - includes all graves/names on memorials - already completed as of November 2016:
    AFGHANISTAN: Helmand Province - Camp Bastion Memorial Wall
    BANGLADESH: Chittagong and Maynamati Cemeteries
    BURMA: Rangoon, Taukkyan, Thanbyuzayat Cemeteries and all Memorials
    CAMBODIA: (Postwar Forum) Killing Fields (Choeung Ek) and S.21 (Toul Sleng Genocide Museum)
    CHINA/HONG KONG: Sai Wan, Stanley, Happy Valley (12 cemeteries in total) plus all Memorials
    INDIA: Kohima, Imphal (2 cemeteries), Madras (5 cemeteries), Digboi, Gauhati, Calcutta (Bhowanipore), Ranchi, Delhi, Kirkee (Pune) 3 cemeteries
    INDONESIA: Jakarta War Cemetery, Ancol Cemetery, Ambon Cemetery and all Memorials
    ISRAEL: Ramlah, Khayat Beach, Jerusalem/Beersheba - brief visits Cemeteries and all Memorials
    JAPAN: Yokohama Commonwealth War Cemetery and British Commonwealth Forces Cemetery (post WW2)
    THAILAND: Kanchanaburi and Chung Kai Cemeteries and all Memorials
    MALAYSIA: Taiping, Penang, Labuan & Kuching (Borneo), Cheras Road, Terendak Cemeteries and all Memorials
    PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Port Moresby, Lae, Rabaul Cemeteries and all Memorials
    PHILIPPINES: CWGC graves and Bataan/Capas-Kamikaze-Manila Memorials.
    REPUBLIC OF KOREA: United Nations Military Cemetery in Busan (UNMCK)
    SINGAPORE: Kranji War Cemetery, Kranji Military Cemetery (post WW2), and all Memorials
    SRI LANKA/CEYLON: Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Trincomalee Cemeteries and all Memorials
    VIETNAM: (Postwar Forum) VC/ARVN cemeteries, Reunification Palace, HCMC museums and Qu Chi tunnels

    Bucklt :poppy: Asia War Graves Photo Group and now, since January 2017:

    Rabaul (Papua New Guinea) - Google Maps.jpg A view - from the Observatory - towards the memorial site and Tavurvur volcano (in distance).JPG The Rabaul Memorial with Montevideo Maru Memorial behind (view towards Simpson Harbour).JPG

    The Rabaul 1942-1945  Memorial Panel.JPG The Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Memorials (view looking inland).JPG The Montevideo Maru Memorial Panels.JPG
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