Remembrance Day

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    I would just like to take the time to remember those who have fought and died for the country in all wars (past and present). Also I will take the time to say thank you to those veterans who participated in all wars past and present (a few of whom we have in this forum).

    We will remember your sacrifice, we will never forget. Remember the fallen, celebrate the living.
  2. morse1001

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    They shall not grow old,
    as we who are left,
    Nor the years condem,

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them.

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Remembering also, all those who survived the wars , but suffered for the rest of their lives because of it, be it through broken bodies or minds (or even broken relationships!). Not many came back the same person they were when they left.

  4. sapper

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    Dedicated to all my mates that stayed behind;

    Les Fleurs de Normandie.

    On Norman soil, they fought and died.
    Now young men's graves in rows abound.
    In Mother Earth's arms, now sanctified,
    The fragrant flowers of our youth are found.

    And yet, to rise again, as in a distant song.
    Small voices that call, in dead of night.
    Fleeting figures only in our dreams belong.
    Alas, they fade, in dawn's bright light.

    I see them yet, a sad, forgotten throng.
    Shadowed, lost faces, marching on.
    Over dusty roads, and high golden corn.
    The call of long lost friends are borne.

    We must not forget, the flowers of our days,
    Lest they lay unquiet, in numbered graves.
    For we lived, and loved, and life was sweet.
    Still yet, for us, awaits our last retreat.

    Flowers of our youth, now long since past.
    Our sweet autumn days are fading fast.
    We, who are left, flowered in our prime.
    Enjoyed golden moments, on borrowed time.

    Remember our friends, who passed this way.
    For all our tomorrow's, they gave their today's,
    On Utah and Omaha, Juno, Sword and Gold.
    Oh! Dear Lord! See that they grow not old.

    I am Brian Guy, lately of 246 Field Company Royal Engineers. An Assaulting unit of the Third British Infantry Division; Monty’s Ironsides.

    From the Fields of Normandy I bring back many memories.
    Beneath them. I leave many friends,
    For they are;
    Les Fleurs de Normandie.
    The Flowers of Normandy.
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    For those who died during the Italian Campaign

    We hope the boys in France will soon be getting leave
    After six months service, it’s a shame they are not relived
    We can carry on for two or three more years
    And nobody need shed any tears –
    For we’re the D-day Dodgers
    Out in Italy

    If you look round the mountains through the mud and rain,
    You'll see rows of crosses, some which bear no name.
    Heartbreak and toils and suffering gone,
    The boys beneath, they linger on—
    They were some of the D-Day dodgers
    And they're still in Italy.

    Words by an unknown solider
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    hi all ,
    A friend of mine and work mate is also a poet and he has written a poem about youngsters who volunteered and lied about their ages during ww1 . I thought I'd share it with you .

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