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    Sgt Kenneth Stoddart Preston

    On the night of 6/7 June 1942 Kenneth took off at 23.50 in Vickers Wellington X3279 JN-M with its crew of six bound for the target of Emden in Northern Germany. At 0047 the bomber was intercepted by a German night fighter piloted by Oblt. Ludwig Becker of 6/NJG2. The bomber crashed into the Waddenzee area east of Ameland, Northern Holland. There were no survivors.

    Ken’s body was washed up on the coast at Kollumerpomp which is located in the community of Kollumerland, Holland, which has Kollum as capital. He was taken to Kollum and buried by locals there. The original oak cross placed on his grave by locals is kept in the Verzetsmuseum in Leeuwarden. Post war the CWGC replaced the oak cross with a standard CWGC head stone.
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