Remembering Today-Trooper ROBERT JOHN LOWDEN 410225, 4th Queen's Own Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps

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    410225, 4th Queen's Own Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps
    who died
    on 03 January 1945
    Son of Robert and Ellen Lowden; husband of Nellie Lowden, of Northampton.
    Remembered with honour
    CWGC :: Cemetery Details
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    I didn't join the 4th QOH until March '45 so I would never had had the pleasure of knowing Robert Lowden but I join his kin in commemorating the date of his death.

    RIP Robert.

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    War Diary of the 4th Hussars in 1945
    0600 – 4Tp A Sqn when moving into position before first light found C Coy 1st KRRC position completely surrounded by strong enemy fighting patrol. The leading Tank opened fire at 50 yards range and drove off the enemy, leaving 13 PoW and 25 killed and wounded. Own casualties nil.
    0800 – The enemy launched a large scale attack against the 1st KRRC positions, the main thrust being directed against C DI MEZZO where A Sqn 12th Lancers in a dismounted role and under command 1st KRRC had relieved C Coy 1st KRRC. The attack was also directed against the house at 475470 held by A Coy 1st KRRC. 4Tp, this time in support of A Sqn 12th Lancers, again moved up to engage the enemy. Unfortunately owing to the darkness, the leading Tank was put out of action by a bazooka, but the other two Tanks continued to fire at the enemy at close range until their ammunition was exhausted, whereupon the Tp Ldr leapt out of his Tank, picked up a German automatic rifle and engaged the enemy with it from his turret. In the meantime, a Stuart Tank from SHQ had been sent up with ammunition for the Infantry and Tanks, and after delivering this ammunition, joined in the battle with its .5 Browning and Bren gun. Later 3Tp A Sqn moved up to support 4Tp and was soon engaged in the battle. This was highly successful and 3Tp killed or wounded about 40 enemy in a ditch just ahead of their position. During the course of this battle, the enemy had managed to infiltrate North of A Coy 1st KRRC and had reached area 486403 before C Coy in reserve, with 1Tp in support, and with the help of Canadian Infantry on the right, counter attacked and drove the enemy back. The Tanks in this action had a very successful shoot and the Infantry and Tanks between them killed or captured nearly all those who had infiltrated, 150 PoW and 100 estimated killed or wounded. Own casualties 3 ORs killed and 2 wounded, 1 later died of wounds.

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