Remembering Today 7/6/41 Civilian: John Christian.

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    I did a quick trawl on t'internet and have
    Name: John Christian. Birth Date: abt 1899. Date of Registration: Jun 1941. Age at Death: 42.
    Registration district: Witney, Oxfordshire. Volume: 3a. Page: 2765.

    Christian, John, of The Firs, Wanborough, Wiltshire died 7 June 1941 at Lew, Oxfordshire. Probate Winchester 23 February 1942 to Charlotte Henrietta Christian, widow. Effects: £1,0846 18s 4d.

    1911 Census: Name: John Christian. Age in 1911: 12. Birth Year: abt 1899. Birth Place: Alderney, Channel Islands
    Street address: Meriden, London Rd, Horndean, Hants. John Christian, 60, retired Major, Royal Artillery, born Canada;
    Amy Powell Christian, 46, born Meriden, Warwick. Married 13 years 1 child. John Christian, 12.

    1901 Channel Islands Census shown with two older step daughters, Gertrude Golder11, and Gladys Golder, 10, presumably Amy P was previously a widow Mrs Amy P Golder. Father was Captain, Retired Army Officer, Address 8, Long Road, St Annes, Alderney.

    UK Naval Officers Service Record Cards: Name: John Christian. Birth Date: 24 Aug 1898. Birth Place: Alderney, Channel Isles. Rank: Midshipman (Temporary). Number: 3419.

    Name: John Christian. Birth Date: 1899. Marriage Date: 1925. Marriage Place: Devon. Marriage Age: 26. Spouse: Charlotte Henrietta Newberry.

    There are seceral Family Trees on Ancestry and I've contacted one with best details.
    Hopefully a little more will emerge, his father had been an officer in the Royal Artillery, born in Canada, possibly to an Army family and John was born whilst presumably his father had been stationed there. It looks as if his father married a younger widow as 1901 shows two step daughters.

    There also seems to be a Naval record for this John Christian, possibly WW1 service.

    But as to the circumstances of his death, I'm a little puzzled, as I associate Brize Norton with the RAF, perhaps a stray victim of an attack on the airfield?
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    There is also (I think) a TNA file for him:

    Reference: ADM 340/28/13
    Name Christian, John
    Rank: Midshipman (Temporary)
    Number: 3419
    Place of Birth: Alderney, Channel Isles
    Date of Birth: 24 August 1898
    Date: [1880-1960]
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record

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