Remembering Today 5/12/41 Lance Corporal JOHN MCEWAN MACARTY 17710, New Zealand Infantry

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    HM Armed Boarding Vessel Chakdina (Cdr. Walter Hickey RNR, KIA during the sinking) was sunk in an attack by 284a Squadriglia Siluranti of the Italian air force, a specialised squadron flying SM.79 torpedo-carrying medium bombers.

    hms Chakdina - Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum

    Note that the information is not fully correct, as the Italian attackers presumed the convoy was westbound, not eastbound, and not all planes were from 284a.

    Francesco Mattesini adds that only one of the SM.79 was from 284a Sqdr., the other two were from 279a Sqdr. While all planes claimed hits, it was Lt. Guglielmo Ranieri of 279a Sqdr whose plane struck Chakdina. He had previously been involved in the combined Italo-German attack on HMS Latona in October 1941 in which German Stukas sank the minelaying cruiser.

    Mattesini also notes that the previously credited U-81 cannot have been the attacker, as the attack of the German submarine (which previously sank HMS Ark Royal) happened after the time Chakdina was struck, with the log of U81 claiming two hits at 2236 hrs German time Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.49.27 AM.jpg S79_8.gif .

    Picture of Chakdina and a profile of a 279a Squadriglia SM.79 attached.

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