Remembering Today 4/5/44 Sergeant:Charles Thomas Brown,1867213, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

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    Related to the raid on the German panzer forces at the French army camp at Mailly Le Camp.....a prelude to the task of invading Normandy and an attempt to inflict a major blow against German armour in the rear.

    The RAF sustained losses of 42 Lancasters which represented 11.6 % of the attacking force.Losses associated with the delay to call up the main bombing force due to wireless communication irregularities.Luftwaffe fighters were soon on the scene to intercept the main force.As it was much damage was done on the site....barracks,personnel and equipment.

    The casualties at Poivres,a village close to the camp, are buried in line in the village cemetery.The camp main roads are accessible to the general least I was not challenged when I entered the camp to view the RAF memorial dedicated to the raid.
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    Details of the above loss.....

    3-4 May 1944

    50 Squadron
    Lancaster III ED870 VN-J
    Op. Mailly-le-Camp

    Took off from Skellingthorpe at 2158 hours. to bomb the military camp. Shot down as it approached the AP at Poivres 20km north north west of Arcis-sur-Aube.


    P/O. A. Handley +
    Sgt. C T. Brown +
    F/O. T E. Archard +
    F/S. R S. Garrod +
    Sgt. C. Whitelock +
    Sgt. J W. White RCAF +
    Sgt. D. Bisset +
    Sgt. G E. Gilpin +

    Source - RAF Bomber Command Losses Vol.5 - W R. Chorley.

    During the course of 1944 RAF Bomber Command visited Mailly-le-Camp on 2 occasions. 362 aircraft were dispatched with 352 attacking the target which was a military installation. 1705 tons of HE along with 11 tons of incendiaries were dropped. 42 aircraft were missing or lost
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  4. Cyrill was my great uncle

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    I was interested in finding out more on the RCAF member, F/S J. White and performed a search, using his name. It led to the following Dutch site which would be of interest to this forum.

    This site discusses the death of a RCAF crew member, F/S J. White, who was killed in action one year earlier , almost to the day, of F/S Sgt J.W. White who is listed above.
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    The Mailly-le-Camp raid was an important attack on a well established Panzer training depot in frequent use by the Waffen-SS units who were in France after service on the Eastern Front.
    No. 630 Squadron
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