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    Most civilian deaths were from V2's at this late stage in the War, however the Luftwaffe still managed a few attacks...
    In the early hours of 5 March 1945 a single Junkers 88 fighter/bomber made a low level attack over the town, dropping anti-personnel bombs on Church Street and the surrounding residential area. Three people lost their lives and 50 houses were damaged.

    The two other casualties were
    THORNHILL, KENNETH BONET. Rank: Civilian. Date of Death: 04/03/1945. Age: 22.
    Reporting Authority: GAINSBOROUGH, URBAN DISTRICT.
    Additional Information: Son of Mr. F. Thornhill, of 16 Tooley Street. Died at Church Street.

    SUTTON, ALFRED HENRY. Rank: Civilian. Date of Death: 04/03/1945. Age: 60.
    Reporting Authority: GAINSBOROUGH, URBAN DISTRICT.
    Additional Information: Husband of Rose Isabella Sutton, of 37 Forster Street. Died at 37 Forster Street.

    Looks as if Wiki has the 5th March date slightly wrong, should be the night of 3rd/4th....
    Gainsborough Rural District: 3/4 Mar 1945. Bombs landed on Gainsborough and on RAF Hemswell.

    CL1: Thanks for this, it made me look for why a single aircraft would make an attack, and it turns out it was a concerted attack by night fighters on bombers returning and about to land, the bombs on Gainsborough just a "bonus" if that can be used...

    During the final stages of the War, the German Luftwaffe under the codename Operation (Unterhehmen) Gisella, made a last minute attempt at turning around their losing situation. In the early hours of 4th March 1945, approximately 150-200 Junkers JU88 nightfighters of the Luftwaffe Nachtjagdeschwader Gruppen (Night Fighter destroyer Group) were deployed to intercept over 500 allied bombers returning to their bases at their most vulnerable point, just before landing.

    Halifax squadrons returning to Yorkshire from operations against the Kamen Oil refinery and special duty squadrons landing in Norfolk and Lancasters returning to Lincolnshire from Ladbergan - all became the prey of the prowling Luftwaffe night fighters in the moonlit eastern counties. The following lists the aircraft casualties during that night over Lincolnshire:-

    00.29 hours: Lancaster of 12 Sqdn (Wickenby) shot down at Ulceby Cross near Alford - No survivors.
    00.40 hours: Halifax of 466 RAAF Sqdn shot at over Waddington near Lincoln - Crew bailed out with the aircraft continuing crewless toward the coast before crashing onto a cottage at Friskney near Skegness killing three people.
    00.57 hours: Lancaster of 1654 HCU (Wigsley) shot down at Church Warsop near Mansfield - Crew managed to bale safely except for the mid-upper gunner who was killed.
    01.00 hours: Lancaster of 460 RAAF Sqdn (Binbrook) shot down on farmland at Barfield House, Langworth - Crew bailed out under repeat attack by the german JU88 aircraft.
    01.02 hours: Lancaster of 1654 HCU (Wigsley) attacked over their home airfield of Wigsley - the rear gunner baled out, but the pilot managed to land the aircraft at High Ercall.
    01.05 hours: Halifax attacked to the east of Fulbeck, in the direction of Cranwell evenually being shot down near Anwick Grange killing both aircrew.
    01.05 hours: Lancaster of 1654 HCU (Wigsley) shot down, and dived into the ground at Stapleford Wood between Fulbeck and Newark - all the crew were killed.
    01.05 hours: Lancaster of 1662 HCU at Blyton near Gainsborough was attacked in the Doncaster area - Pilot managed to land safely.
    01.10 hours: Lancaster of 12 Sqdn (Wickenby), was shot down and fell at East Stockwith near Blyton - All the crew were killed.
    01.15 hours: Lancaster of 44 Sqdn (Spilsby) shot down over Brocklesby Park near Brigg - All crew killed. [A memorial plaque dedicated to this crew has been placed on a tree near where they perished].
    01.18 hours: Lancaster of 189 Squadron shot down and crashed into the East Rudham Railway Station - All crew were killed.
    01.36 hours: Halifax of 76 Sqdn. shot down and crashed at Cadney near Brigg - All crew survived.

    A nasty end to many weary aircrew hoping to relax after the tress of the long flights over Germany.
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    good day totday.4/3/45.civilian w.bull age59.may he rest in peace.regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:

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