Remembering Today 27/2/43 and 1/3/43 Private W.Nodder 4464810, Durham Light Infantry 16th Bn.

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    Lots on 16 DLI here.

    Date of Death: Between 27/02/1943 and 01/03/1943

    Saturday 27th February 0610: First attack and contact with the enemy under the Second-in-Command. Further attacks launched in the early afternoon, by C Company and No 1 Commando in the hills to the left, by B Company into the plain area between the hills and by D Company against the hills to the right. Evening: C Company and 4 Troop No 1 Commando on Jobey's Bump (a small gentle slope, name after the C Company CO). Other companies having stalled in exposed, open ground, withdraw to the Wood area. Battalion HQ at a small Arab settlement map reference 222 778.

    Sunday 28th February C Company still holding positions on Jobey's Bump. A and D Companies amalgamated (A Company suffered the heaviest casualties in the first day's fighting). Captain J H Waylen, ex-D Company Commander becomes Battalion Adjutant.

    Monday 1st March Battalion HQ movies to the Wood, just north of Sedjenane. CO's orders for an attack on Hill 231 and Djebel Guerba--the left high ground held by the Germans to the north of Sedjenane.
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    Conflicting information on that site according to this section he isn't dead???

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    Blimey, Kyle. I have never seen such a contradiction before.

    I did a bit of a search of Castleford War Memorials and found a William Nodder, but he is listed as WWI War Dead: Nothing on CWGC for WWI though.

    This is all rather weird...

    Probably needs a viewing of the applicable 'Missing Files' at the National Archives.


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    Blimey , well found.
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    Maybe a simple misprint? I`ve done a check on the Pow number its assigned to the DLI but not to William Nodder?

    G Robinson

    Lance Serjeant

    Army Number:

    Durham Light Infantry

    POW Number:

    Camp Type:

    Camp Number:

    Camp Location:
    Mühlberg, Elbe, Brandenburg

    Record Office:
    Infantry and Army Educational Corps Record Office, York

    Record Office Number:


    Edit;-Looking at the site again perhaps not a misprint as this guys PoW history is below Nodders profile and (apart from the PoW number) is completely different?? :(
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    good day cl1.m.feb 27th 2015,07:58am.remembering today.27/2/43 and 1/3/43 private w.nodder 4464810,durham light infantry 16th bn.may he rest in peace.regards bernard 85 :poppy: :poppy:

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