Remembering Today 22/12/44 Raymond Bruck, RAFVR

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    Remembering today:
    Raymond Athol Bruck
    Sergeant 1815134
    RAFVR, 630 Squadron
    Died: 22/12/1944
    Buried:Tankersley, Yorkshire
    Son of Albert Edward and Beatrice Virginia Bruck, of Tankersley.

    :poppy: Remembered with honour.
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    Upon joining the Royal Air Force Raymond served at RAF Paignton for his initial training and for a time at RAF Jurby on the Isle of Wight. At the time of his death he was serving as an ‘air bomber’ in a Lancaster Mk. I bomber, serial number NG258, coded LE-, based at East Kirby, Lincolnshire.
    His crew consisted of Sergeant 1874439 John Henry Quinlan, Sergeant 1821620 James Stuart Bain (wireless operator), Flying Officer 163644 William McPherson James (navigator), Sergeant 1805514 James Duffett (engineer) and Flying Officer 142550 Arnold Stockill (pilot).
    On the night of Tuesday 21 December 1944 Raymond’s squadron took part in a raid on the synthetic oil refinery at Pölitz near Stettin, Germany, Raymond’s aircraft taking off at 4.58pm. Some damage was caused to the plant in that the power station chimneys had collapsed and some of the buildings were damaged as detailed in later reconnaissance photographs.
    Of the 207 Lancasters and 1 Mosquito that took part in the raid, 3 Lancasters were lost over enemy territory and 5 crashed in England due to dense fog, this including Raymond’s aircraft which crashed at 2.50am. at Scanfield Farm.
    Upon approaching the base the fog was so thick that the crew were ordered to land elsewhere and crashing while attempting to do so. The entire crew perished in the incident.
    Raymond was buried in St. Peter’s Churchyard, Tankersley at 3pm on Wednesday 27 December 1944. He was 22 years of age and is also commemorated on the Birmingham roll of honour and a plaque at St. Peter’s Church.

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    I believe that Air Gunner Sgt L Pooley survived the accident.

    Pilot Officer Arnold Stockill was my 1st cousin 2x removed

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    Hi there Malc, Les Pooley was my father and yes he was the only survivor of that tragic night, I was going through his flying records yesterday and I came across some letters written to my father from Arnold Stockhills widow, if they are of interest I could send you copies
    Kind regards
    Melvyn Pooley
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    I thought I had replied to this, thank you for your reply. I Would love to read Mrs Pooleys letter
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    Hi Malc
    I didn’t know how long ago you wrote that piece about Raymond Bruck, after the crash my father Les kept in touch with Raymond’s sister and we used to visit High Green Sheffield at least once a year
    If I could have your email address I will scan the letters and send to you
    Kind regards
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    I only found this site a few days ago and posted then.
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