Remembering Today:19/12/41 HM Submarine Perseus

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    Remembering today:
    Charles Cranston Peacock
    Leading Stoker D/KX86396
    Royal Navy, HM Submarine Perseus
    Commemorated: Plymouth Naval Memorial

    :poppy: Remembered with honour.
  2. Andreas

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    HM/Sub Perseus lost with all hands (one passenger escaped) when she hit a mine in the Ionian Sea during patrol.

    The Great Escape

    All the best

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    The wreck of the Perseus was located by the Greek marine archaeologist Kostas Thoctarides who has published a book in Greek and English.

    H M Submarine Perseus - Whispers from the Deep
    ISBN 978-960-88535-3-9
    The Hellenic Maritime Museum

    The book is well illustrated and well researched.
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    Many thanks for your comments.


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