Remembering Today 14 September 1945 the crew of Liberator VIII KN781

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    14th September 1945

    No.355 Squadron
    Liberator VIII KN781 'L'

    The aircraft crashed on take-off at Salbani, India and was destroyed by fire. KN781 was on a sortie to deliver rice to POWs at Changi.


    W/O. E C P. Leaver +
    F/S. S R. Holland +
    F/O. C N. Farnes DFC +
    F/S. A C. Hitchen +
    F/O. J. Johnstone +
    Sgt. J B. Shakespeare +
    F/L. E F. Adams died of injuries on 18th September 1945.

    Movement history of Liberator VIII KN781


    To the Middle East. Arrived Cairo West 12th July 1945 re-allocated to India on 30th August 1945. To No.355 Squadron.
    Taking-off from Salbani on 14th September 1945 sank back on the runway and was destroyed by fire.
    Struck Off Charge 4th October 1945.

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