Remembering Today 13/6/45 2nd Lt Donald C Campbell & Crew

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    2nd Lt Donald Caswell Campbell, O-2064835
    Born 3 Sep 1923, San Jose, California
    Died 13 Jun 1945 in action over Formosa (Taiwan)

    Donald was the pilot of an ill-fated B-24J (Tail #44-40363, 65 Sqdn, 43rd Bomb Group) which crashed into the side of a mountain on the island of Formosa. All on board were killed. The remains of the 11 men were not recovered until 1949. Unfortunately, the remains had been disturbed by animals, making identification impossible.

    Donald and his crew were interred at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, Missouri on 7 Oct 1949.
    (Section 79, Graves 299A, 299B and 299C)

    Crew of B24J #44-40363, 65 Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group:
    Black, Charles R. Sgt
    Campbell, Donald C., 2/Lt.
    Davis, William J., F/O
    Galz, Eugene A., Sgt
    Grossman, Isadore, Sgt
    Hess, Ray E., 2/Lt
    Jordan, James E., S/Sgt
    Merryman, Orville R., Sgt
    Misko, Vincent A., Sgt
    Mooney, Charles J., Sgt
    Morenz, Edwin W,. F/O

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