Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder,

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    I was thinking something similar myself.
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    Thanks, I forgot.
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    Guy Fawkes. He was born in Yorkshire in 1570 into a well-off Protestant family. After leaving school Fawkes entered the service of Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu, as a footman on his estate at Cowdray in West Sussex. How he fetched up there I don’t know but it seems the Viscount was displeased by the young Fawkes and soon dismissed him.
    Fawkes must have maintained contact with the family for he was subsequently employed by Anthony-Maria Browne, who went on to become the 2nd Viscount of Montagu in 1592. The Browne family had purchased Battle Abbey (founded by William the Conqueror) after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, as William had established the Abbey with 3 miles of estate surrounding the Battlefield. Consequently it was one of the richest Church properties, a prize plum for one of Henry VIII's favourite courtiers. It's rumoured that he was sent in to see Ann of Cleves on her arrival in England. He apparently came back to Henry and said "She's not like her portrait." Henry couldn't risk divorcing her, as she was powerfully connected to the few Protestant nations in Europe standing against the might of Catholic Spain and France, so set her up in Lewes.
    So there's a lot of connections to Sussex and the Gunpowder Plot.
    In fact it is rumoured that the gunpowder was suspected of having been produced in Battle.

    So, it's thanks to Sussex you can have fireworks and bonefires as poor old Guy Fawkes was caught before he could set the gunpowder off..... 1604 or 2019.... bit too early?

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