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    Carl Laemmle was born only a few kilometres north of my home, left Germany in time for the US,saved the life of many jews and is still rememberd in Laupheim today. On 15 March, adocumentary on SWR TV in Germany promises to be very interesting to not only to people at home, but all Hollywood fans and, historians researching the Holocaust.
    See also above link.

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    I think there's a plaque in honour of him in Laupheim - near the Marktplatz. I remember some friends telling me that several Jewish families were protected by the people of Laupheim, although I can't remember the details.

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    Jules, yes there is, see link below:

    Carl Laemmle (1867-1939) - Find A Grave Memorial

    In fact, Laupheim has a very long Jewish history and you can also find a plaque for the synagoge distroyed by the Nazis.
    The Laemmle Museum is also a must to visit.

    There are many other links about Laupheim and the jewish history, just enter Lapheim and you get to it.


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