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    Hi There,

    I posted a prequel to this posting about my Grandfather a couple of years back here...
    At the time I didn't know very much and I didn't have his full service history but now I am in a position to ask some more specific questions. The original posting is a bit confused but it does have some photo's.

    So, his records show that he was in RAOC, transferred to REME upon its inception and in a LAD which was permanently attached to 1st Bn KOSB until August 1945.
    He was a Mechanic MV. (The confusion about the Cameronians in the original posting was justified as his records show subsequent to completing his attachment to the KOSB he had further permanent but short attachments to 7th/9th Royal Scots, 5th and then 6th Cameronians in BAOR, in the couple of months before his release in early 46).

    Anyway, my questions concern his KOSB service.

    1) His service record shows that he embarked on 6th June, but would the LAD have landed at Normandy at the same time as the fighting component? or would they have landed later? (The excellent 3 Br Inf Grp Landing Table spreadsheets posted elsewhere do not show any distinction). Can anyone shed any light on the exact working relationship between a fighting battalion and its LAD? and specifically movements?...or if anyone can recommend any further reading.

    2) As part of writing-up my Grandfathers story I now want to trace the movement of 1 KOSB through Europe to Bremen in a reasonable amount of detail and I wonder if anyone has any advice on how I can best do this. I have picked-up various snippets of information from the web and I have obtained or am in the process of obtaining the Delaforce 'Montys Ironsides' 3rd Div book and KOSB histories by by Royle and Woollcombe.

    3) Does anybody know where I might be able to get any photo's of 1 KOSB at this time and specifically it's REME LAD? (or actually, any REME LAD?).

    Thanks in advance,

    Melbourne, Oz.
  2. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Myself and Bluebell Minor are researching the BAOR units post May 45 and can give you some location details

    3rd Infantry Division command from 2nd Canadian Corps to 1st British Corps 5 May 45 with the HQ moving from Bremen to Lüstringen east of Osnabrück

    9th Infantry Brigade – HQ Lengerich south-west of Onsabrück – to Recklinghausen Jul 45 – to Ghent Belgium Aug 45 – to UK Sep 45

    1st Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borders were located with their Brigade HQ while in Germany

    Hope this helps
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    An Infantry Battalion wouldn't normally have a full Light Aid Detachment, which were usually found with Motor Bns, RAC, RA and RE units. The Infantry Brigade HQ would have an LAD attached, while each Inf Bn would include a number of attached REME personnel; 1 serjeant armourer, 1 fitter and 5 vehicle mechanics officially.

    If he was definitely in an LAD then it would technically be with Bde HQ, rather than a Inf Bn, which might make a difference in your search.

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    Below are a couple of photos showing the Landing Table for 1 KOSB that mention “Vehicle Mechanic” (VM).

    I would suggest getting hold of a copy of the War Diary, WO 171/1318 covers 1944, from either or Drew5233 who are both on the forum if you want to follow the unit across France.



    1  KOSB  WD  1944 (34)  ed2.jpg

    1  KOSB  WD  1944 (36)  ed2.jpg
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    Thanks for the information chaps. Much appreciated.

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    Further to Gary's comments (thanks) - here are his postings and attachments listed on a 'Service and Casualty Form'.
    I initially understood this to mean that he was posted to the 9th Inf. Bde LAD and subsequently simultaneously attached to 1/KOSB. But, given Gary's comments I assume the two postings were actually sequential such that his attachment to 1/KOSB meant he was no longer in the brigade LAD. Is this a correct interpretation?


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    May I add a few more comments to my good friend Steve and others earlier input

    Firstly as former member of REME I endorse the comment that the the small REME team with a dismounted, not Lorried or Armoured, were and are now always called Attached Tradesmen not Lad

    Turning to 1KOSB, my working notes (extracts from the 3 UK Infantry Division War Diaries for Summer 1945 show that they were in the small town of Ibbenburen (south east of Osnabruck) on the 4th May 1945 (the date German Land Forces opposing 21 Army Group surrendered). The entire Division moved south in mid July 1945 when 1 KOSB, still under command 9 Infantry Brigade, moved to Recklinghausen. They were to remain there barely a month before the entire 3 Division left Germany for the UK to reorganise and re eqip prior to carrying out its traditional role as the United Kingdom Strategic Reserve.

    A possible explanation for the 6 CAMERONIANS connection is they were part of 156 Infantry Brigade of 52 Lowland Division who replaced 9 Brigade in the Ruhr. Summer 1945 was a period of considerable turbulence for units in the British Zone of Germany which was rapidly slimming down to its longterm peacetime structure as well as earmarking certain units for redeployment to the Middle or Far East. There also were weekly Groups of men returning to the UK for discharge to civilian life and the only replacement was to cross post a Draft from another unit to make up the shortfall. With his discharge due shortly the Authorities may have taken the view that there was little point in your relative returning to the UK with 1 KOSB and he was posted to 6 CAMERONIANS but was discharged before they and their emasculated Division moved north to the Wilhelmshaven area in Spring 1946 to replace the departing Canadians
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