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    my grandfather served in the REME in Burma. He was attached to the 6IB 2nd division. Did you serve in this unit or the REME during the Burma campaign? Would you be able and willing to help in my research? any help would be appreciated no matter how much or little to my research. please contact me thank you
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    The REME Bible - Craftsmen of the Army gives only one page to Burma - specifically the retreat. It mentions a book by Field Marshal Slim 'Defeat into Victory'.

    Try the REME past and present web site or the REME Museum.

    Hope you strike lucky!

  3. Gerard

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    Welcome to the forums and best of luck in your search :)
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    Welcome to the forum Craftman, good luck with your search.
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    Craftsman, welcome aboard, and thank you for your grandfather's service to Crown and Country.

    The Official History volumes for the Far East may help. Also the American histories, as the British and American engineers worked together on such important projects as the Burma Road.
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    Hi I'm new as well and trying to figure out what my grampar did in Burma. He was in the REME but he never spoke about it apart from to say he worked his way across Burma from India. I'm finding information on the Burma campaign quite spars. Keep me posted if you find anything out. Good luck

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