Regulations affecting civilians through the war

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    Hi all. I'm wondering if there's a resource that would list the various regulations that were brought in gradually through the war, affecting the German population? Things like the closure of restaurants, a ban on dancing in public, quotas on how many employees would be taken into the military and factories, restrictions on travel, etc.
    I'm currently reading Missie Vassiltchikov's 'Berlin Diaries', and she often mentions new restrictions. It is mentioned that Marie Bismarck was denounced for 'painting her toenails and taking her breakfast in bed' - meaning that she was 'asozial' - and I wonder what regulations she had contravened there? (This was in the post 20th July purges in 1944.)

    It would be really useful for me to know what rules came in and when...

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    ... or even a clue as to where I might look?
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    Not sure if this would help

    I'd be surprised if there were any regulations for the specific 'wrongs' cited; with such sweeping definition for 'asozial' there likely didn't need to be.

    Pressure was exerted to conform to the nazi ideal of dutiful housewife/mother/daughter roles - all working together for the good of the Reich and their menfolk - is more likely. Hence going against that society's norms...

    Girls and young women were expected to learn to cook, sew, keep homes, look after children, keep physically fit in order to produce many healthy children. Lying in bed taking breakfast, making time to paint toenails ... such wasteful idleness would not set a good example!
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    Thanks for links! My problem is in knowing what came in when. I'm writing a story, for example, that takes place in July 1944, in Berlin. I don't know what decrees were in force at that precise time, which is frustrating, and haven't yet found a source that gives a chronological list of decrees, which is what I need.

    By coincidence, I'm now reading 'Edith's Book', an account by a Dutch Jewish woman, teenaged at the time, who survived the war by going into hiding. Her narrative, based on her diaries, gives a very vivid account of the attrition by decree, against Jewish people. Having to wear the star; having their bikes and cars confiscated; a curfew imposed; being unable to shop except between 3 and 5pm; being disallowed from employing gentiles; being disallowed from going to cinemas, sports clubs, beaches; being banned from public transport, etc etc. These things came in one by one by one. It's a chilling picture of how the situation escalated.
    (If I was writing a story based in Holland, I'd have a good timeline of those decrees from this book. I don't have an equivalent source for Germany, though.)

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