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    Related to my previous post about G1098 stores the same unit (an RAOC workshop unit in 1942) while forming up underwent three weeks of 'Regimental Training' these were all qualified craftsmen so my question is what constituted regimental training for these men? Thoughts and comments welcomed as ever.
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    That would be refresher training in the warry stuff that goes with the uniform. It could have been anything from three weeks of drill to three weeks on the range or the hill. There may also have been new kit and procedures that they had to be brought up to speed on.
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    With ref to Regimental training, I was to discover a little bit about that in Feb 1943 after being posted to my first "proper" unit.

    I had just finished my 12 week's Driver/Wireless Operator training in Whitby and was posted to the 112th LAA Rgt RA then stationed in Haltwhistle, Northumberland.

    To my utter dismay I found that, despite the fact that they were strictly an anti-aircraft regiment using 40mm Bofor guns, they had been sent on a 2 weeks Battle Training course of which there was a week or so still to run and I found myself crawling through the mud of a freezing local river whilst live ammo was fired over our heads !

    I suppose you could call that "Regimental Training" ?

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    Thanks for the replies Chaps your responses fit very well with a note in the War diary about drawing small arms ammunition, grenades and light machine guns.
    This was an RAOC (very soon to become REME) workshop made up of newly qualified tradesmen all of whom had been serving for anything up to two years in previous unrelated units prior to re-mustering and trade training and relates to a period 2 months prior to shipping out as part of the 1st Army in November 42. I guess it's akin in civilian life to what is now euphemistically called Team Building
    Thanks again

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