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    Hi all

    I am taking a bit of a long shot here. As part of my ongoing (and largely fruitless) quest for information about my father's war years, I looked through his diary for 1942 and found reference to 'Reggie Henderson', and the fact that Dad wanted to 'avenge him'. There is a strong likelihood that the said Reggie came to grief some time in 1940 or 41. If I can find out which ship he was serving on at the time I may be able to find out if my father was with him at the time. Like I said a long shot but hope somebody on here will know how to go about searching for it. He could have been a signalman
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    The only reggie Henderson listed as killed is this

    Hms Carlisle

    His service record for ww2 is on ancestry and also on discovery online at the national archives website

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    Thanks James, that certainly fits the bill. At this stage I am feeding off scraps and anything I learn is a bonus
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    I know that my Dad was involved in action at Crete at some stage...I also know that he was fished out of the sea after some kind of explosion, eventually ending up in RNH Alexandria with amnesia. I was wondering if the incident was on 'Carlisle'.
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    Might not be the guy as Reginald Kendall Henderson died of a heart attack or pulmonary embolism

    Name: Reginald Kendall Henderson
    Event: Death
    Birth Date: 9 Feb 1901
    Birth Place: Leeds, Yorks.
    Death Date: 14 Aug 1941
    Death Age: 40

    You will note that in the right hand column there is a figure 3 - this denotes he died of natural causes

    Not quiye sure how that fits in with the details above

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    Darn it, think you're right. another blind alley...need a new Satnav
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    Is there a chance he could have been captured or seriously injured

    Also forum member Geoffs search engine is a great tool for you to perhaps try different spellings etc for casualties
    Geoff's 1939-47 Search Engine

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