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    The 56 Recce WD refers to 12 LARCs being received on Oct 2nd and A Sqdn reorganising to incorporate them. Can anyone tell me which vehicle this was, and perhaps shed some light on the vehicles used by the Regt during the battle for Termoli? The LARC gets mentioned again a few days later, but what did the sqdns use other than these? There are references to carriers, which I assume are Bren or Universal carriers. Anything else?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like a Light Armoured Recce Car.

    Probably Humber Mk3 or 3A

    Also known as ARC, LRC and Ark

    The CO's Recce car is represented in a museum in Europe.

    If you wish to see one, there is one in RAF colours at Hendon RAF Museum


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    Thank you Lawrence. There is also reference to a hvy armoured car. Any idea what that might have been?
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    In most Recce Regts, the heavy cars were Humber Armoured cars (made by Karrier) with Daimler Armoured cars being available later.
    I have a feeling that some american types were also used.

    There are more details in "Only the enemy in front" by Richard Doherty.
    He has also written an Osprey Book.

    If you search for 56 Recce on here you should get a few threads.

    I hope that tis helps


    (The recce car in Europe is in Brussels Tank Museum)
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    Does the WD list any census numbers? With these it would be easy to confirm exactly what they are. As mentioned by others though, the LARC's are more than likely Humber Light Reconnaissance Cars.


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    Thank you bot for these quick responses. I'll look further into the census numbers as there is an appendix I haven't got to.
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    There are no census numbers in the Oct 43 Diary. The LARCs were definitely Humbers (Mk III or IIIA) & the HACs were more than likely Mk IV Humbers which were introduced due to the recommendation of Lt Col Chavesse asking for a better armoured & armed AC due to the short comings of the LARCs in Tunisia.

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    Than you very much Paul. Any idea of the organisation of these units? Were they along the same lines as an armoured regiment? 12 LARCs isn't quite enough for a Sqdn with tank numbers unless the SHQ didn't get them. Or was a there a HAC troop in each Sqdn?
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    Some names and numbers from 56th Recce.

    Names ( vehicle type currently unknown )
    BACCHUS, BLENHEIM – B Squadron

    Names ( Known vehicle type )
    CAMBRIA – C Squadron – Universal Carrier
    CLARION II – A Squadron – Humber Scout
    CLAREW – C Squadron – Humber Scout

    Names and numbers ( Known vehicle type )
    ATHOLL M4651910 – A Squadron – Humber Light Reconnaissance Car Mk III
    BUAIGH-GO-BEAGE II M4651935 – B Squadron – Humber Light Reconnaissance Car Mk III
    FAUGH-A-BALLAGH M4651984 – HQ – Humber Light Reconnaissance Car Mk III

    Numbers (Known vehicle type, 1945 )
    M4651965 – Humber Light Reconnaissance Car Mk III
    M4771038, M5158443 and M5632835 – Willy’s Jeeps
    Z4736964, Z4833559, Z4962882, Z4983306, Z4983434, Z5200724 and Z5382168 – Ford 15cwt’s
    Z4018023 – M3 Half Track


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    i ordered a photo of 2 lrc's mk3 from the iwm website . the vehicles belonged to the 56th recce regt and the photo was taken on 18/4/45 at argenta in italy . as the copy i ordered is a high resolution you can see the names which were ABLE and ANSERINE. the latter name being mentioned in "only the enemy in front" by richard doherty . A sqn came under fire from mortars at ANSERINE in TUNISIA .A sqn established it was a german base from which it was moving down the dr bed valley. A sqn were used as live bait to flush the germans out so an attack could take place. the operation was a success and ANSERINE was still smoking at noon the next day from the pounding it took from the gunners. so the vehicles must have belonged to A sqn with ANSERINE named after the above engagement.
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    Have a look at Ron Tee's website, he was ex 56 Recce. Unfortunately the website is offline but there is an archived version, the main page can be found here:

    If you go to 'Logistics' button on rhs, there is quite a bit of information on vehicles etc. Beware this opens very, very slowly, be patient and the pages will eventually open in a sensible format.

    This website supplemented Ron's book and contains a lot of information for 56 Recce, and indeed other Recce, enthusiasts.
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    Thank you all - There's enough here to answer all my questions I think!
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    If it is of any help, my late fathers 4th Recce Regt in Italy were given American 4 wheeled Staghounds, which had a 37mm Canon in turret and .30 Cals.

    They proved a bit too heavy for the poor Italian and Greek tracks and caused many Problems regarding maintainance.

    Reading the War Diaries the unit even used captured / Abandoned 8 wheeled German Armoured cars in Greece, until they too could not be repaired any more!

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    I've now posted this about three times as didn't find this thread at first, here is a picture of my grandfather on some of the units vehicles he was in RHQ.

    You can see it's two different types of armoured car

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    Three Humbers.
    Nice shot.
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    hi all
    Came across this and I don't think ive posted this photo before but it shows 2 lrcs . One called ABLE and the other ANSERINE (after the action by A sqn in Tunisia) .
    cheers Dave humber lrc of 56th recce regt at argenta italy 18-4-45.jpg
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