Rededication of Cockermouth war memorial

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    Sunday 28th April 2019 at 3.00pm.

    Was a celebration for the Rededication of Cockermouth war memorial.

    In 2018 a specialist was appointed to undertake urgent repair and conservation of the bronze statue of victory, and to rebuild the stone column beneath it. Work began immediately after the World War One Centenary in November 2018, and the Angel returned in March 2019.
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    So a big well done to Cockermouth Town Council and the War Memorial Trust for doing this.
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    On this page it says about children will release birds as a symbolic of peace and freedom,

    Here are my dads pigeons who gave them to the Town council to be let off when the children said there bit but it was me who let them off I was well pleased to do that.
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    Just typical reporters always getting things wrong I can't even have my 5Minuites of fame :-P

    In the local paper about the rededication of the memorial they said my dad Albert let the pigeons off bleeding heck.

    Community gathers for special service

    Cockermouth Mechanics Band played and six pigeons were released by Albert Deacon. Isaac Hunter, 11, of All Saints School, and Louis Green, 15, of Cockermouth School, also did a short reading.
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    Never mind Michael, at least we all know it was you.
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    Cheers Steve my mother is livid as she knows what the memorial means to me but hey it's one of those things.

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