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Discussion in 'General' started by Kladg, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. Kladg

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    Copy 1.jpg Copy 2.jpg I found my fathers paybook and some information has been redacted. Can anyone tell why this would be.
    I've covered up his name as my mother is still alive.
  2. AB64

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    The Birthplace and nationality was to be deleted based on an Army Council Instruction from about 1943 so this is normal, on the other bit I'm not sure

    edit - just checked and its ACI 1770 of 1942 thats says to stop entering birthplace and nationality or if already entered to obliterate it if going overseas - its doesn't explain why
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  3. Tony56

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    Some info here:
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    Thanks guys. Thought the old man might have been a spy.
  5. Kladg

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    Thanks guys.
    Can I ask another question.
    What is the difference between leave and privilege leave as he seems to have had a lot of the latter.

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    There was an increasing amount of serving personnel with family in occupied territory. This was to protect the from pressure and their families from persecution. Not only refugees and DPs, British service personnel with German ancestry could be considered traitors for not following the call to serve the Third Reich.
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