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    I saw this on Ebay and thought it would be a nice example to go with my British and Commonwealth books, but now I'm struggling to make anything much of it - an Estonian workmate had a quick look and told me he was a Ukrainian Accountant who was born 1920 and joined up December 1942 but not much beyond that - he said the photo was something about good times and best mates, which I liked, it gave me a bit more of a human side to this soldier. I'm hoping there is a Russian speaker on here who can confirm and add to what I know and can also identify his unit and if there is an mention of where he saw action. Fingers crossed something in the writing also helps ID which one he is in the photos. Any additional info on the uniforms, insignia and decorations would be good too.

    Thanks in advance

    Alistair IMG_20171009_0001.jpg IMG_20171009_0002.jpg
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    IMG_20171009_0003.jpg IMG_20171009_0004.jpg IMG_20171009_0005.jpg IMG_20171009_0006.jpg IMG_20171009_0007.jpg IMG_20171009_0008.jpg IMG_20171009_0009.jpg
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    A nice addition to the collection Alistair. I've always had a liking for Russian/Soviet decorations and medals. However, as you have probably already seen, they can all be very similar looking and difficult to identify. Wiki have a decent page on the subject. Keep us informed of any information and progress.

    Orders, decorations, and medals of the Soviet Union - Wikipedia
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    Bamboo, lets hope your chest is wide enough to accept all those medals and decorations. Those in the news from NK always make me laugh as they seem weighed down by the weight

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    My girlfriend is a Russian speaker. I'll get her to look later.

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    Ok, so the writing ( I guess on the back of the photo says)

    For the long and kind memory, for the best of the best friend Sascha from Vaska. let the dead features remind about all the past 06/08/46 Germany.

    Vaska is a short name for Vasily. I think dead features is another expression of the 1,000 yard stare or the look you have if you've been to war.

    Title of the book is Red Army Book

    1. Surname -Mokrij (?) Petr
    2. Name - Mihijlovic ( father name )
    3. Rank - Ordinary ( private )
    4. Camp / Barracks - 378 3 S P 19 (??)
    5. Battalion - 9 something
    6. Service number -

    Opposite page
    1. Number of military registration speciality - 134
    2. Literacy and education - 8 class ( 8 years of school)
    3. Nationality - Ukrainian.
    4. D of B - 1920
    5. Year of joining Army - 12/1942
    6. Military enlistment office - Pallahovskij
    7. Job before Army - Accountant.

    New page
    8. Place of birth and residence - Kharkov Oblast, Savinskij district, Dolgolivka street.
    Wife - Faena Trofemovna
    9. Blood group - ( no answer the writing is still the address)

    New page
    ii - service passage - arrived to 9 Company 378 ??? 22/?/42
    Left 3/9/43

    iii - which medals or decorations / commendation

    iv - issue of uniform
    Hat, winter. 43 / 17/1

    Shinel - ( winter poncho ) 43 / 17/1

    Other items of kit issued are shown on the rest of the page.
    Hope this helps!! Is difficult to read the old writing!

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  7. AB64

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    Fantastic, thank you (and your girlfriend) its much appreciated.

    I think I'll look for an American one next - I should be able to manage that one on my own.

  8. Alex1975uk

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    No worries, normally translation services are £20 per hour !!

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