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    This is for you to post your recruitment messages for all your clans online.
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    Want to do something about the Nazi occupation of Europe? Want to join an elite unit of soldiers? Join the 10th Huzars today and fight for freedom against Nazi tyranny.

    Do you enjoy the thrill of tactical realism unit wars? Do you need the fix of adrenaline that it provides? Are you a skilful team player?
    Then maybe, just maybe you will be able to join the 10th Huzars. join a unit that is proud of its heretige, the 10th Huzars were part of the last Cavalry charge in major warfare, in WW2, against the Germans. They charged into the Axis lines and drove them off, using thier lances and horses. After the fall of Poland they joined the 1st Armoured division, where at the Battle of the Filaise pocket where they were outnumbered out gunned and low on ammo, they faced a fanatical Nazi enemy, withstood thier ferocious attacks and ended up winning the day and capturing 5000 prisoners.

    So now you know a little about our unit, why not stop by our TS and find out a bit more? Or possibly even post an application on our forums.

    pass = winged


    Then maybe, just maybe, we will accept you.

    Come to our website by clicking HERE or go to our recruiting office

    (For Poland)

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    Listen, strange men riding around on horseback with poles shouting Huzzah is not a basis for a victory!!! LOL!!! Will consider teh offer Rootes and thanks for posting this. the Website looks good!
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  4. Haha, nice thats a take on the constitutional peasants scene in monty python and the holy grail.
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    I guess I will stick my head in here., sister-site to, also has its own clan called the '1st PanzerPenguin Division'. It is in its own infant stages as a Clan right now and plans to encompass all games involving World War II along with some other games. Right now, we mostly play Call of Duty: World At War and Combat Missions Series, along with Empire:Total War.

    There are BIG plans for the Clan in the near future, so hop on board now by sending me a PM!

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