Recovery & Repair - Vehicle pictures.

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    Just looking through these pics again and the one numbered E-25254 has a Scammel with what looks like the 23rd Armoured Brigade liver bird emblem on it's front and is carrying a Valentine tank.

    This could be Tripoli Victory Parade which took place around the end of January 1943, as 40 RTR (23rd Armoured Brigade) were the first armour to get there on 23 Jan 43.

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    i found two of these tracked recovery trailers a few years back and used the track for a T16 project and the bogies for my churchill
    track wheels.jpg carrier sled.jpg
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    Almost seems a shame to break one up, Rick.
    How rare is the trailer in its own right?
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    i don't think there are any other survivors. if the main body/turntable is still at nelson greens yard where i left it then i will collect them and return one or both to working condition. i'd like to give one to the new REME museum in lyneham
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    Illustrated London News 06 June 1942
    Illustrated London News 06 June 1942.jpg

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    Great drawing. Thanks

    That's a White 920, I think. One of my favorite vehicles

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    The Sphere 27 December 1941
    The Sphere 27 December 1941, 1.jpg

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    The Sphere 27 September 1941
    The Sphere 27 September 1941.jpg

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  9. 32 photos from the LIFE collection of (presumably) 8 Armd Bde tanks being repaired some time in July 1944 here:
    Tank Recovery | WW2Talk
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    23rd Hussars, C Squadron ARV, 1945:


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    More pics of 23H C Squadron's ARV:







    arv_11a.jpg arv_11b.jpg
  12. Juha

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    A couple recovery training films:
    Tank Recovery Unit - 1942
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    Scammell recovery 1

    Scammell recovery 2

    And the 3rd

    [dbf mod edit: fixed the order for you.]
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    Fantastic Sir would love to see more, am quietly building the various REME type equipments As a retired "AQMS" vehicles a subject close to home.
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    Would it be possible to get them scanned up in a res version, I'm currently prepping a REME type WW2 diorama, and would love as much info/reference matgeril as possible. Cheers Dai Buckler (Fomer AQMS Vehicles)
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  17. I've just updated the "Tank Recovery" album to correct the pics that were still inverted horizontally. They are Nos. 12, 13, 20, 26 & 32.

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