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  1. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    Hi all,

    Finally got my Grandads war records and it opens a few cans of worms lol, just wondering if anyone can help shed some light on a few questions i have,


    With the help of the info on this site ive worked out the hospital Xii coding, but a little confused over possible time away from his unit, it would appear he was admitted to hospital with Disintry on 5/11/41 and put on xii list, he then gets moved to xiv list 30/1/42 then posted to unit 31/1/42.

    He then goes through a period of time ranking from tpr to ws/cpl, all this time down the unit column he isnt listed as being with 3RTR? do we think this is someone being lazy with the ditto's or would he indeed have stayed away from his unit till trained in being cpl? is the ranking up not done in field?

    As usual any help deciphering the above is much appreciated :)

  2. Tullybrone

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    The entry posted to unit 31.1.42 ought to be read as denoting his return to 3 RTR.

    Had he been posted elsewhere the unit would have been listed on that date.

  3. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    Thanks, thats what i sort of presumed lol,

    Any idea what the RAC BD means on that date? Royal Army Core.. ? ?
  4. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    Royal Armoured Corps Base Depot is my assumption. A holding and training unit for new replacements and recovered sick/wounded, etc.

  5. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    If im reading it right he was admitted to 63rd General hospital then moved to V hospital a few months later..

    Anyone know the where abouts of these hospitals by chance?
  6. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    Would make sense, thanks Tom,

    Does this imply ' posted to unit ' may have been to the training unit and not his own maybe?
  7. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    Is anyone able to decipher the entry on 1/7/43 ' Dis ?? to unit '
  8. 4jonboy

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    Dis (discharged) hospital to unit

    List of WW2 hospitals
    Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders

  9. SDP

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    A couple of comments:
    If he was transferred to a Training Unit (for example a RAC Training Regiment), that would have been shown as, for example, 54TR RAC or something similar.
    The records also states 'transferred to unit FROM.....RAC BD'.....
    I also detect some faint dittos down that form in the column headed implying he was associated with 3RTR at all times (except when, by definition, he was away in hospital).
  10. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    Thanks for the link.. great help..

    Looks like it was Cairo :)
  11. Crock

    Crock Active Member

    Thanks Steve I hadn’t picked up on the word ‘ from ‘

    The thing confusing me timeline wise was the entry 1/7/43 now confirmed as discharged from hospital.. now knowing what I know it’s looking like he had 2 spells in hospital.

    In on xii 5/11/41 then back to unit 31/1/42

    Also I now see and understand it reads admit xii on 2/6/43 and discharged from hosp 1/7/43 so it looks like 2 separate visits
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  12. GraemeRowland

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    Hi Crock, I have a casualty card and part complete tracer card for my uncle 3768768 Sgt Dennis Henry Rowland 3 RTR KIA 7 APR 43 at the battle of Wadi Akarit with similar problems working out what is meant by various enteries. My guess for Base Depot RAC is Abbassia, Cairo as Dennis was sent there from 7 RTR on 12 NOV 40 until being posted to 3 RTR on 21 JUN 41. He was with 3 RTR until he was killed.

    There is a fair chance that your grandfather and my uncle knew each other. Do you have any information and/or photos please?

    Best wishes and keep safe


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