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    Hi Tony, whens the next one coming?????
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    Welcome back Tony! Thanks for posting. Will e-mail you later this week

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    Sorry, no No.2

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    Looking at these. I think I can confirm that the underlings in these are in fact related to the 56th as under the awards section. My grandad's name is underlined and he was in the 56th (now coming up to his 92 birthday).

    Once I have a working scanner, I will upload the 4 copies of the 56 recce's comrades association newsletters I have (1 from 1991, 92, 94 & 95) riginally sent by W croucher and L p smart (I have the original envelopes as well with te regiments stamp on them!£

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    brilliant, thank you very much again!
    I look forward to reading these innabit

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    Thanks again for posting Tony-great stuff!

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    Tony thanks for posting. These journals make great reading.

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    Yes excellent reading, keep it up
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    Thanks again Tony

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    much appreciated!
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    For Steve Mac

    I have letters from R K Williams of 61st Reconnaissance Nov 1943 to Feb 1945 (when his unit was disbanded and he joined the 52nd Recce 'Lowlands' unit). They give the following locations:
    61st Recce Rgt, Recce Corps, November 1943 to February 1945

    Hythe (Kent) – 2/Lt ‘B’ Sqdn (November & December 1943)

    No given location – 2/Lieut, 61st Recce Rgt, Royal Armoured Corps (January 1944)

    Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire – 2/Lt, 61st Recce Rgt RAC (February to April 1944)

    No given location – 61st Recce Rgt RAC APO England (April to June 1944)

    ON ACTIVE SERVICE FROM 11th? June 1944

    12th July – Recce Rgt B.W.E7 RAC

    21st July – 61st Recce Rgt RAC. B.L.A.

    6th September – liberated Audenarat? in Belgium

    10th October – Dick working as Liaison Officer with an American Colonel

    22nd October and 5th November – near Antwerp?

    21st and 30th November – Netherlands? Dick never more than 20 miles from the Front.

    30th December – Dick writes that he had 9 weeks on the Nijmegen Bridgehead

    First week of January – Hannay, Ardennes

    13th January to 6th February – Iseghem, Belgium

    16th January – Brabant (Belgium/Netherlands)

    Chotie's Daughter Chotie Darling
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    Thanks so much for posting the journals. Fascinating reading.

    Chotie's Daughter
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    more interesting stuff.......and some about the 45th recce in Italy:rolleyes:

    (ive recently found free OCR software on the web and will try to see if i can grab the text to word format without too many errors)
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    I had missed your post until now, Chotie's Daughter. Many thanks for posting this...

    It's a while since I had a look at your website, so I apologise if I am repeating what you already know, but the 61st Recce was with the 50th (Northumbrian) Division from early 1944 until 30 November 1944, when the 50 Div was returned home; as Monty said they 'had done enough'. They, 61st Recce, were due to be disbanded when the German Ardennes offensive kicked off - The Battle of the Bulge - and 61st Recce got a reprieve, acting as an independent Recce Regiment. When 'the Bulge' emergency was over 61st Recce was disbanded and its troops were sent to other Recce Regiments as replacements - February 1945.

    The 61st Recce had a fine reputation.

    Our Prime Ministers grandfather was the CO of 61st Recce on D-Day - surname 'Mount' - and he was seriously wounded on D-Day plus 1.

    Grateful for any other information you can provide.


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    Thank you Tony for posting the journals.
    Great reading.


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