Recce Corps in SOE

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  1. Jedburgh22

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    HS9/98 Barton Bernard James Major 124120
    HS9/669 Harrison Thomas Winston DSO Major VB30861
    HS9/710 Hiller George Francis, DSO Major 263058
    HS9/1426 Styles Victor Kensett Tpr 7906218
    HS9/1453 Tessier Paul Raymond Captain 262994
    HS9/1586 Whyte George Eric Arnold Captain 307324
  2. Smudger Jnr

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    Interesting seeing Recce in the SOE.
    I see that only one is not an officer.
    Do you hold any information on those listed? I am sure that it must make interesting reading.

  3. Jedburgh22

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    Tom Harrison was the founder of Mass Observation I believe, he operated in Sarawak with the Australians of Z Force, George Hiller served in France I intend to look at their P/Fs when next at Kew
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    Steven, As Tom said, should make interesting reading

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