Recce Corps Efficiency Medal (Territorial)

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  1. walmer_10

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    I have finished typing up my recent research project on the Recce Corps. It is a list of men who were awarded the Efficiency Medal (Territorial).

    I have now over 1300 names (and service numbers) in my publication. In numerous cases I have included dates of birth, honours&awards and full names.

    Well done on the new look website :smile:
  2. oscar pip

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    Hi , my dad was in the 53rd recce , I have his medals but dont think this one is among them . What would it have looked like.
    regards Frank
  3. Jaaa

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    Hi' think the medal on the right.

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  4. oscar pip

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    Thanks for the picture , we have four but not that one . regards
  5. Staffsyeoman

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    Just to be a nit picker...and appreciating that the above is for illustrative purposes, that Efficiency Medal (Territorial) is the original 1930 George V 'Robes' issue (in issue 1930-36) - so to find it with WW2 service medals is rather unusual. This is the version - George VI pre-1947 - more usually found with WW2 groups.

  6. Jaaa

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    My uncle Harald H Jensen joined the TA Armoured Corps in 1923 and remained in service until after the war. That should explain. :)

    Awarded for

    Granted for a minimum of 12 years service in the Territorial Force with war service counting double.
  7. walmer_10

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    If anyone wants me to look up their ancestor/relative ... please do send me a personal message.

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  8. ash0212

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    Still working on Efficiency MEdals (Territorial) to Recce. But changed user name. Asher Pirt

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