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    Officers of No 1 TBRE Clitheroe, August 1943.
    Not really my area of research but I looked a couple of names up in the London Gazette and TNA found one or two distinguished chaps (Major Austin MM MC), a soon to be distinguished (Capt Tracy) and Tarzan's dad also features! I'm having a bit of a clear-out re-arranging stuff so it looks like I've had a clear-out, so I'll post it here before it goes in the loft.
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    Thanks for posting, great photo and all men named too :)

    (It's just a shame when photos were taken of other ranks, they weren't named-would make life a heck of a lot easier when they turn up :wink: )

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    1943.....I did my training at Clithero at that time..Hell of a long assault course. left to fend for ourselves up on the moors. Found a cowshed. Bloody awful stench of cattle ... Never forgot it. By heck that is 71 years ago..... No sooner got there, than everyone went down with crabs...Yuk
    I recall the cure..."Blue Unction" Did a "Salute the soldier" parade in the town.

    .BIG sign at the gate with a huge mirror, the legend..."Are you a credit to this battalion"?The holiest of Holy;s was the square, where the band played on Sunday mornings. I had to march across the square, and in the middle passed an officer..... forgetting to salute; I wished him a cheery "Good Morning" To his eternal credit the officer replied "Good morning Sapper"....

    Double bunk beds, a great mate with the same name as myself. But George? I wonder what happened to George.We trained togethe, marched together, went out on the town together.. We were sent to different units after training.....

    I never knew were George ended up. I asked in Normandy, and one man thought he had died on the run in ..But he was not sure if he had the right man...So What happened to George G .....from Balham London?
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    Thanks for sharing, I love searching through photos like this and hoping to match someone to my research. :)
  5. Mr Jinks

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    Could this be him?
    George William Guy
    Service No:14442320
    Date of Death:08/12/1946
    Regiment/Service:Royal Engineers 243 Field Park Coy.
    Grave Reference:4. D. 23.
    Additional Information:Son of Charles George and Martha Elizabeth Guy; husband of Susan Jane Guy, of Camberwell, London.

    (Sorry for answering on your thread Snailer just trying to help out)

  6. snailer

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    No problem Kyle.
    I hope you find out what happened to your mate Sapper, It's funny how photo's bring back memories and stimulate the senses, in this case the smell of manure and the itch of crabs! I went to school in Clitheroe and was often made to run half-way up Pendle Hill and back when the teachers couldn't be arsed taking a proper games lesson, might have stopped in that same cowshed for a smoke on the way round, you never know.
    Lesley and Bamboo, I have found a couple more for you, a bit grubby but legible, and ORs too.


  7. RobC75

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    My Grandfather is in that first photo (back row, second from left): Jack Crane. Anyone interested can read a little bit more about what he got up to after 1 TBRE at the following site: Copp Heroes - Jack Crane
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    Hi Rob,

    Welcome - nice site you have created there in rememberance

  9. RobC75

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    Can't claim it's anything to do with me, sadly – wish I had the time/expertise! Was created by some people who live on Hayling Island in Hampshire, where Combined Operations Pilotage Parties were based, who created it as part of their fundraising to erect a memorial.

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