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  1. Eric at home

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    My Dad was with the No 4 Stevedore Battalion in April 1940. Transferred to 1007 Docks Operational Company in September 1940.

    His overseas service is listed as

    North West Expeditionary Force April 1940 - July 1940
    Iceland August 1940 to September 1942
    North Africa and Sicily June 1943 to August 1945

    He received a mention in despatches following the bombing of Bari Harbour.

    Can anyone shed any light, or signpost me to other sources of information. Have already had a great lead on this site to War Diaries for the Iceland campaign.


  2. Oldman

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    1007th Docks Operating Company, Sicily & Italy you need to look on the National Archieves website for the war diaries.

    These as you already know will give you the information you require and also you can look up his MID on the London Gazette website
  3. Eric at home

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    Thanks for the advice. I've got a clipping form the London Gazette, 24 August 1944 but it just a list of names for gallant and distinguished service in Italy. The MD was because of his work recovering bodies from the harbour following the German air-raid on Bari Harbour and the blowing up of the USs John Harvey which was carrying mustard gas. All the troops were sworn to secrecy, and it remained a state secret until an American blew the whistle in the 70's.

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