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    My late uncle Davie Garvock was in the 53rd RA....David Garvock.No: #1143127....53 Field Regiment,210 Battery,C Troop.RA.MEF. As per the reverse of a photo card I have of him.

    I found the following I think with regards the 53 Field Regt. et al....Places, dates. They were posted elsewhere & again I have dates, locations .....

    53 Fd Regt. TA

    Mid East 1942-3 -GHQ, 8 & 9 Army Troops, 8 Indian Div
    Alamein 10/42 - Att 44 Inf Div

    I was wondering if anyone had additional info re the locations/dates cited. ??

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  2. CL1

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    Hello Wayne do you have his service records
    If not apply
    Get a copy of military service records

    You also require the war diaries once you know exactly which regiment or regiments he served in through WW2
    A couple of members on the forum offer a copy service at very good rates

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    I know 210 Battery. They are still in existence and based in Wolverhampton as part of 103 Regiment RA. 53 field regiment were the Bolton Artillery and the home of the Wartime Wanderers because most of Bolton Wanderers players and a lot of supporters joined up. Where was Davie Garvock from?
    I was the historian and guide for their battlefield study - here
  4. Wayne Easton

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    From Aberdeenshire, nr the village of New Pitsligo. Strange that he ended up in that particular regiment. But I guess he went where he was told to. My other uncles were Sappers in the Royal Engineers.

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