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    Some may be already be aware of my on-going research involving the former RCAF/RAF station Pennfield Ridge located in New Brunswick, Canada. Pennfield Ridge opened in July 1941 as part of the BCATP as No. 2 Air Navigational School. Less than a year later, 2 ANS moved out an the RAF moved in with it's No. 34 Operation Training Unit in April 1942. 34 OTU moved out in mid-1944 and the RCAF regain control of the station until October 1945. After this time, the airfield was used for several years by the nearby Canadian Infantry Training Center A-30, also known as Camp Utopia. Then it went into civil use with Trans-Canada Airlines until the late 1950s. In the 1960s, runway 2 was used for regional drag racing competion. Over the last few decades, the airfield has seen some moderate private aircraft use. Today, two of the three runways are being used in a seedweed drying industry. Only four structure remain... a firing bat and three munition bunkers.

    So, I am actively seeking individuals with first-hand accounts of time served at Pennfield Ridge or photographs/documents pertaining to the air station.
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    Welcome to the site Jason.
    Good luck with the research and it's nice to see more Canadians here.
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    Welcome Jason, and the best of luck with your research.
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    I am in the midst of changing gears as I become more agressive with my research into the former Canadian Infantry Training Center, Camp Utopia, which was located a few miles north of Pennfield Ridge airfield. After four straight years of talking about air ranks, aircraft and RAF/RCAF history, it's sort of tough moving to army ranks and tanks.
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    Hi Gaudet,
    Welcome to the forum. If you live in or near to Pennfield would you possibly do me a huge favour? In Pennfield (Christ Church) Cemetery there is a Canadian Sailor buried, would you get me a photo of his headstone please.
    Many thanks
  6. spidge


    Hi Gaudet,

    I have one RAAF who was listed as being accidentally killed while being attached to
    "2ANS" Pennfield Ridge and also 11sq RCAF.

    He is listed on the Ottawa memorial.

    Good luck with your research.

    <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 628pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="838"><col style="width: 276pt;" width="368"><col> <tbody><tr><td class="xl25" style="height: 12.75pt; width: 276pt;" x:str="JUNGE, WALTER LAWRENCE " height="17" width="368">JUNGE, WALTER LAWRENCE
    </td> <td class="xl24" style="border-left: medium none; width: 83pt;" width="111">Pilot Officer
    </td> <td class="xl25" style="border-left: medium none; width: 41pt;" x:num="" width="55">411713
    </td> <td class="xl24" style="border-left: medium none; width: 132pt;" width="176">2 ANS PENNFIELD RIDGE
    </td> <td class="xl26" style="border-left: medium none; width: 72pt;" x:num="15609" width="96">25/09/1942
    </td> <td class="xl25" style="border-left: medium none; width: 24pt;" x:num="" width="32">24
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