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Discussion in 'RASC' started by union, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. union

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    My first post here and I hope that someone might be able to help me in a puzzle trying to locate unit (and possibly unit diary details) for my father.

    After basic training he was in service with the RASC from Nov 1944 to Nov 45 with 32 Port Detachment before heading to the middle east. He said to me that he served in Europe but never talked much about this and, prior to a trip to Normandy this year, I am keen to see where he was. Sadly he passed away a few years ago without me having pushed him on things he didnt like to talk about.

    I have looked for a unit diary for this unit and can not see one listed at National Archives (on the web anyhow). I do see on the unit listings for 21 Army Group a 32 Detachment for the RAOC but not one for RASC. Could he have served in this? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  2. englandphil

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    David, welcome to the forum. Serving with the RASC would mean that he could be posted wereever their was a requirement for drivers to move and or supply things. It is quite possible that as a member of RASC he was attached to the 32 Port Detachement RAOC.

  3. Noel Burgess

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    I had a quick look on the Trux website here: NON TRANSPORT UNITS which describes a Port Detachment RASC as comprising 15 men including the Captain in charge and it purpose as "for RASC movement controll at a port". This site elsewhere lists the units attached to 21 Army Group [Northwest Europe]: Port Dets RASC are listed as No.s 36 to 53 inclusive, the only RASC units with the number 32 are 32 Base Supply Depot and 32 petrol Filling Centre.
    I dont know how acurate the list of units is but your father could have been in Italy or the south of France.
  4. union

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    I had a look back at my dad's record of service papers. It states that from sept 44 to dec 45 his service country was "home" and then after that it specifies middle east. Would home mean somewhere in the UK? or does that encompass the western european campaign?

    He also had the prefix "S" added to his army number in Jan 45

    He remained a Private throughout his service.
  5. union

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    Hi, sorry to bump this but I have a chance to get the the National Archives this week (I live in Scotland so this is rare) and wondered if anyone could help me with this question. On army records of this period would service country listed as "home" mean the UK only or would it have included France after 1944? Just that I am going to look out the RAOC 32 Portdetachment notes but I notice that there are port detachment units for the UK also.
    Many thanks for any help

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