RASC, Motor Coach Company, Gilford Castle/Bannvale, Co. Armagh

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    I have now been able to ascertain that the re-classifying of Motor Coach Companies to Troop Carrying Companies took place when the MCC was re-equipped from impressed motor coaches to brand new purpose built Bedford QLT (where the T denotes Troop Carrying) 4x4 trucks which they gave the company an "off-road" capability. This then rendered the coaches redundant.

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    I wonder if the possible Motor Coach Company at Bannvale House was 3rd Motor Coach Company which does not seem to appear on the Feb 42 Order of Battle?

    When did 32nd and 37th MCC's move to Northern Ireland?


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    Just by way of an update I have been trying to find the missing link in terms of being able to find what WD numbers civilian vehicles became and have been trying to find the comprehensive records created by the Vehicle Census Branch of the RASC. So far no luck. The RLC Archive hasn't got them and I can't find any trace at TNA. Can anyone shed any light on these valuable records?
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    Sadly, no. A list of "off contract " and impressed vehicles would be pretty close to the holy grail. I've only drawn blanks at The NA. In general, there is more chance of finding surviving RAOC records than RASC. I wonder if this is because of how responsibilities altered with the formation of REME.
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    I have now identified the location of this photo as being Dromore, Co. Down. This is a slighlty better view which shows the vehicle is a Leyland TS

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