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  1. Hi Guys
    I am looking for help in finding my Grandfathers war records.
    Unfortunately i do not have his service number so this is proving to be really hard work. The details I have are:

    Regiment: Royal Army Service Corps
    Service No:???????????
    Served In:Burma, Italy and Africa....
    Name: Wilfred Arthur Denny
    Dob: 1912
    Born: Towcester, Northamptonshire
    Lived till death: Towcester 1988

    I know this is not a lot to go on, but i have tried various websites but always discover nothing. Any help or guidance would be of great use and importance to me and my Family

    Yours Hopefully
    Darren McCullagh
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  3. Thank you very much mate for your advice. I will get onto it asap
    Darren McCullagh
  4. I also found Hans Houterman at unithistories.com very helpful when I was first trying to find information about my uncle Kent Green, who was in the RASC throughout the war. But - yes, you need the Service Record, and I needed a few interpreters to decipher Army acronyms. I was also sent my uncle's officer's book, which was very helpful, and means a great deal to me because it was the one he carried with him during the war.

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